Monday, 28 February 2011

Sunday, 27 February 2011

chorizo and camembert omlette - recipe

Forget your husband Lucy, he's an oaf. This is really *really* easy and given the quantities of chorizo and Camembert you end up buying, you easily have enough to make it again later in the week. Beans are a good accompaniment as well...

Chorizo & Camembert Omlette
serves 2 (or one big portion)

4 large eggs
2 tablespoons of water
handful of chopped chives
100g chorizo, thinly sliced
thick slice of crusty bread, torn
50g diced Camembert

1. Pre-heat the grill. Beat the eggs in a bowl, with 2 tablespoons of water and the chives. On Saturday I only had three eggs, so I made up the mixture with milk or you can use extra water I suppose;
2. Add the chorizo and bread chunks to the mixture and season;
3. Heat some oil in a pan, add the egg mixture. Reduce heat and cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring to begin with until the mixture has nearly completely set;
4. Top with the Camembert and put under the grill for 2-3 minutes until it's all puffy.

If you've got any chilli oil, give it a little drizzle - mmmmm!

chorizo and camembert omlette - Delicious, March 2005

Saturday, 26 February 2011

jill dupleix's white bean polpettine with turmeric potatoes - all slightly blackened

Okay, very blackened so it's just as well I was a little too drunk to even consider taking a picture. Just imagine this, but covered in charcoal.

It all started so well today as well. With Ana and Milo lording it up on the Isle of Wight, not only did I get a lie-in, I ended up spending two hours in bed watching last night's Wales U20 Vs Italy game on the iPlayer. Chores done, I took a quick scoot through Barnes before getting back laden down with 18 Guinness (there was an offer), and ready to cook a quick pre-game lunch: Cambembert and chorizo omlette.

And then Wales were shit scraping past Italy, and then I watched the England game, and then I started cooking - only this time I had to use butter beans as I'd used the cannellini beans in Tuesday night's curry - and continued drinking. Then Midsomer Murders came on, then I forgot the dinner. It wasn't totally ruined, just blackened, but I was too drunk to care. Good Midsomer though...

white bean polpettine - Jilly D, the Parsley Book
turmeric-spiced potatoes - Bill Granger, Holiday, p191

Friday, 25 February 2011

kebab ki baraz

Finally *finally* I nail this recipe with extra-spicy meatballs, and plenty of sour cherry jus to inject some flavour to the cous cous, and off-set the lamb, which is quite fatty. Also, the extra punch of the chilli really came through this time, so I'm well happy - the perfect accompaniment for an evening's J Creek-ing...

kebab bi karaz - Tom Kime, Australian Delicious

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

chorizo and camembert omlette

This is a real blast from the past as I remember it came from the first copy of Delicious I bought in the UK when we returned from New Zealand. I got it in Finsbury Park Sainsbury's when I was cabana-boying for Greg and Amanda, and cooking it for probably the first time since they very kindly let us stay in their house brings back loads of memories. Mainly memories of tidying and cooking whilst everybody was at work, watching Greg's DVD boxset of Band of Brothers, and walking every day to Sainsbury's, but happy days!

Anyway, having rescued a packet of chorizo from Milo's ravening maw now he's discovered he likes it, I'm quite looking forward to this tonight, and it's even better with some scavenged cold beans as a side...

chorizo and camembert omlette - Delicious 2005, now the Parsley Book

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

spinach, tomato and chick pea curry

It's Ana (and Milo's) last night at home before heading off to the glamorous and glorious Isle of Wight, so we've got to plan carefully as whatever we've got in the fridge has to last until Sunday. Or, we can just have curry and hang the consequences - but can you spot our deliberate mistake?

Spotted it? No? Well, for some reason I failed to get chick peas this weekend so we end up improvising with cannellini beans, which turn out to be a pretty good - and dare I say better - replacement.

Food of the Milos
Lovely lovely Brenda and B-jammin are up for day's action in South West London. They go to Kew, the run around the house, they sit on the naughty step, it's what being a toddler is all about.
Breakfast: Nibbles. I may just stop writing about breakfast, it's a bit boring;
Lunch: sarnies and fruit at Kew Gardens;
Dinner: Pasta 'n' sauce, yoghurt, fruit and all that jazz.

spinach, tomato and chick pea curry - Waitrose Recipe Cards, Early September 2010

Monday, 21 February 2011

sausage and bacon toad-in-the-hole

After yesterday's pie success, tonight we've got a batter near miss. I've never cooked toad in the hole before, and given we have pancakes most weekends and Milo loves sausages, it seems a no-brainer. However the result is *not* what I anticipated...

Still, the bits which aren't overly crispy are pretty tasty. I figure contrary to Fran's recipe I'll give it 10 minutes less than advertised, which should make it about perfect. Sadly the unforeseen carbonisation means there will be no sausages in pancakes for Milo's tea tomorrow. For shame.

Food of the Milos
No nursery this week as it's half-term, which means Ana's got a difficult week of entertaining on her hands. Luckily she's got some of Jacqui's biscuits from yesterday to use as bribery, as well as a trip to the park with Zoe, Zac and Joe on the cards.

Nibbles are a default these days so you don't need to know about them, (ignore the fact I've just told you), but I've no idea what he had for lunch. For dinner he had more chicken and leek pie, and unlike yesterday's fannying about, tonight he eats it all.

sausage and bacon toad-in-the-hole - Fran Wardle, Delicious, Feb 2007, p128

Sunday, 20 February 2011

jamie oliver's chicken & leek pie and bill granger's gooey chocolate cake

Ahh, the best laid plans... Today we've got a late lunch/early-ish dinner planned with Top Foreigners TVS Collins and his delightful wife, Jacqui. I used to work with Jacqui at Flextech circa 1997, then we moved into their flat in Dyers Lane, then we bumped into them in New World in Wellington, and they looked after us royally - even letting us steal their friends.

However *however* we do not plan for the fact Bill Granger's cocking gooey chocolate cake, which we've already road-tested on another Top Foreigner, would take a billion hours!

Still, eventually it's done - and it's a bit gooey-er this time, which is probably better - and we can crack on with Jamie Oliver's chicken and leek pie, this time with added pastry dinosaurs for Milo and Tristan's pleasure:

As Jacqui points out, her and Ana did manage to drink pretty much two bottles of wine on their own, so despite the two-hour delay to proceedings, things couldn't have been that bad:

chicken & leek pie - Jamie Oliver Christmas Special
gooey chocolate cake with raspberries - Bill Granger, Feed Me Now, p230

Saturday, 19 February 2011

heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti

This weekend we've got much more relaxing plans, compared to last week. In fact it's so relaxed we all spend the morning sat in sleeping bags in the lounge playing "camping". For two hours.

We eventually heave ourselves out of the house and whilst Ana tidies, Milo and I go to Palewell Park to try some riding without stabilisers. He's not the new Greg Lemond, but he doesn't mind falling in the mud and looking at wormcasts, so it's not all bad.

One trip to the tip, a coffee with Jude, and a scoot around Waitrose later and the highlight of Milo's day finally arrives - eating the rabbit jelly Ana and him made yesterday. It's cool eh?

The mould is one my mum used to make jelly with for me and my brother, and I think it's a bit older than that - mum? I remember she used to make a pink strawberry mousse in it, with raisins for eyes, but just straight jelly works well enough for us and the mini-Barnes. Full of jelly and demanding a sleeping bag to go to bed with, Milo sleeps and we slump in front of the telly with another dose of Misfits, and another batch of Heston's double-aces spaghetti. It's. What. We. Do.

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: Camp nibbles and porridge;
Lunch: Cheese on toast, followed by nibbling on chorizo, salami and fruit around Waitrose;
Dinner: Sausage and mash and jelly;

heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti - Waitrose Weekend, 16th September, p10

Friday, 18 February 2011

angela boggiano's herby chicken and lemon rice

Wowzers - an Angela Boggiano hat trick! Tonight we've got the third A Boggiano recipe from Delicious February 2007's "Take one, make three" feature. The first two - spiced chicken noodle soup and creamy chicken, chive and mustard gratin - I've made at various points since those halcyon 2007 days, but tonight's is an entirely new meal for us, and I have to say I'm quite excited.

It's a bit like a very moist risotto, deliberately I think, and packed with flavour from the poached chicken broth - in fact it's very much like a rice and broad beans dish I vaguely remember cooking a couple of years ago. Not that that's very helpful of course...

I can see this as being much better on lovely summer dish, as the rice does tend to lose heat quite quickly. However, how often to do you get three excellent dishes out of one mini-recipe? Genius!

Food of the Milos
By the time I get home tonight I'm entertained by the brilliant vision of Milo in just his pants, a t-shirt and his wellies, pointing out a giant spider in our hall dubbed 'Amelia' to Isla, who's wearing a dress and a pair of football boots. Ana, Claire and Pheebs are sheltering in the kitchen with an (empty) bottle of wine...
Breakfast: Nibbles & porridge;
Lunch: Boiled egg;
Dinner: Left-over chicken and chive gratin, which him and Isla wolf down - hurrah!

herby chicken and lemon rice - angela boggiano, Delicious, February 2007, p61

Thursday, 17 February 2011

angela boggiano's creamy chicken, chive and mustard gratin

So, having prepped last night and with Ana out for Jude's pre-birth last supper, tonight we're all about the experimental creamy chicken, chive and mustard gratin. I suppose technically it's only experimental because it's yet to appear in the hallowed virtual pages of this blog, but I distinctly remember making it in 2007 when the Feb issue of Delicious came out, so it's not the first time I've made it. However *however* my best laid plans slip betwixt lip and bush.

First, having read Milo a couple of bedtime stories and then snuggled down with him before he dropped off, I inexplicably managed to fall asleep, only to wake up an hour later drooling on his pillow with a hot baby head stuck under my chin. I follow this up by making up too much creamy sauce and not enough fluffy potato so the end result, a full two hours late, is a bit soup-ier than I originally planned:

It's till cocking marvellous though. Lor' bless thee Mistress Boggiano!

Food of the Milos

creamy chicken, chive and mustard gratin - Angela Boggiano, Delicious, February 2007, p61

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

leon's broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts and chilli & salmon and angela boggiano's poached chicken broth

We're on short-orders tonight as the mighty Arsenal are playing those awful Catalans in the Champions League and, much to Ana's disgust, I've commandeered the TV tonight.

Two things need to happen tonight (well three if you count giving Xavi et al a right good Franco-British rogering - thank you RVP and Andy Arshavin!):
1. We need a dinner that's quicker than light to prepare;
2. And I also need to get the next two night's dinner prepped by poaching some chicken.

Luckily I manage both with the added benefit of only missing Barcelona's goal, and I also manage to use up the left-over cabbage in Leon's broccoli dish *and* we had interesting salmon in the form of the extra-pink and meaty Sockeye variety. Ana is only happy about one of these things, and I have to bow to her knowledge, the cabbage does overpower the broccoli. Still, I've got football to watch so who cares?

So, whilst I'm watching the footie and Ana is watching the Nation's Favourite Independent Video-on-Demand Service in bed, we've got some chicken poaching for the rest of the week's dinners. Lucyfer, is this anything like yours?

Food of the Milos
Not only is it a Julia day, but he's staying for dinner tonight as Ana has a staff meeting. When I find his book I will update accordingly, but it's probably a torrent of pasta, sausages and yoghurt.

leon's broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts & chilli - Leon: Naturally Fast Food, p60
poached chicken broth - Angela Boggiano, Delicious February 2007, p59

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

bill granger's miso fish with spring onions & sesame seeds and leon's persian onion soup

Despite it being February, we're desperately trying to stick to our budget guns, which means tonight we're eating *whatever* is going to go off first. It's chicken, but despite being inspired by a Mac-fuelled Lucyfer (who insists she'll be blogging soon) I can't be cracked to poach it, cool it, strip it and make a pie OR a risotto-y thing, so it's our new favourite five-minute fish dish instead. Bill Granger's ace miso fish, in fact.

I imagine this would be brilliant in the Summer - Sarah, give it a spin and let us know - but it's not so cold today, so it feels virtuous rather than frigidly misplaced.

One positive side effect of the miso fish is I can make up a fresh batch of soup since the tomato soup from last night was gourmandised by swansea university alumni womenfolk, with no thought of what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow. Luckily I have a clear idea - Persian Onion Soup, which I spotted in the Leon Cookbook. It looks insane, but you can smell the healthy vibes coming off it's turmericky base AND I know for a fact one wife who won't go near it's onion-y goodness!

 Naturally we finish the evening with Misfits.

Food of the Milos
Super Spandy McTartlin was up today with Cerys in tow, so it was all about the snacking in between playing.
Breakfast: Nibbles and porridge;
Lunch: Thomas the Tank Engine pasta shapes on toast, fruit, carrots;
Dinner: Bill Granger's Lazy pasta with cheese and peas

miso fish with spring onions & sesame seeds - Bill Granger, Feed Me Now, p78
apple's persian onion soup - Leon, Naturally Fast Food Book 2, p80. Apple? These people really are scum

Monday, 14 February 2011

valli little's rich chilli and roast tomato soup

Happy Valentine's Day!
So, having watched the now-traditional midnight Marple last night and with Ana Louise still suffering with a cold, we don't have the most romantic Valentine's Day, but it's one of the more lovelier ones we've had recently.

This is mainly because Ana comes into the kitchen and we make a really rich, chocolately chilli together, whilst drinking some champagne. Who needs a lovenasium when you can have hot chilli, champagne and Glee?

Chilli is another of my favourite dishes to cook. At the weekend's it'll take two hours and involves creating a sort of spicy gravy to cook everything in, and then adding the tomatoes last, but tonight's is Valli Little's super-quick 45 minute recipe. Horses for courses innit?

Also, the other benefit of cooking chilli is the stewing time gives me ample scope to knock up a soup for lunch over the next couple of days. Tonight, new-classic roast tomato soup, with the cunning addition of four red peppers Ana found in her fridge clear-out, which got roasted and skinned with the rest - mmmmm!

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: Toast, apple, cheese, banana;
Lunch: Beans on toast and a yoghurt;
Dinner: Spag bol - which he was telling his nursery teachers this morning that he was going to eat - and half an apple.

rich chilli beef with fresh avocado - Valli Little, Delicious circa 2005/6, now The Skull Book
roast tomato soup - The Parsley Book

Sunday, 13 February 2011

angela boggiano's rich beef ragu

Having spent all day yesterday in a brilliant pub on Haverstock Hill celebrating Miss Kate Smither's birthday, eating steak and chips (or crisps and chips if you're Milo), and drinking fine ale, today we're all about taking it easy.

Naturally this begins with brunch at the Med Kitchen with Kendra, Brian and Finn, before heading over to The Science Museum to lurk around the kid's play area and the planes. Incidentally who's up for this - Brenda? Page? Lucyfer? Anybody?

Anyway, exhausted by our day out we opt for something easy peasy lemon squeezy - Angela Boggiano's rich beef ragu! I love making it, it's basically the same as the spinach and parmesan meatballs (hmm by the same author, go figure), and has a really deep flavour, and is the perfect accompaniment to watching Misfits on the Nation's Least-Favourite Video on Demand Service.

Also, whilst we're kicking back with ASBO superheroes, I've also got some pumpkin soup simmering away on the hob for lunch tomorrow.

Food of the Milos
We're out and about today, but the intake of various anti-nutritional foods continues after yesterday's chip-fest...
Breakfast: Toast, apple, cheese and ham;
Brunch: sausage, chips and beans - although he doesn't really eat much of them. Raisins, banana and grapes at Kendra's;
Dinner: Ana makes giant fish finger and beans whilst we are snuggled up on the sofa watching Scooby Doo. Again.

rich beef ragu - Angela Boggiano, Delicious, March 2007, p51
pumpkin soup - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage Year, p 199

Friday, 11 February 2011

simon rimmer's white bean chilli

After last night's impromptu drinks with Mr Peter Leary esquire, we're back on track tonight with Simon Rimmer's white bean chilli.

It also has the added bonus of using half a large bottle of lager in the recipe, meaning I can see off the rest whilst idly flicking through various rugby blogs in anticipation of tomorrow's Scotland-Wales match. Everybody's a winner - or are they?

There's *definitely* something missing with this tonight, and I can't quite put my finger on it until I look back at some previous versions. Admittedly I didn't have enough chilli (note to self: order more), but what this dish requires is grated cheese - it really balances the flavours out.

white chilli - Simon Rimmer, Delicious, March 2009, p123

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

pan-fried cod with creamy new potatoes and courgettes

Due to varying reasons - drunk, watching Miss Marple, watching Glee, constructing Milo's new bed from flatpack - I'm a bit behind with both the updates *and* replying to the comments. However I've made a mental note, so don't despair!

Tonight we're going for our second experimental fish dish of the week, although this is more out of necessity than (my) choice. We were going to have Simon Rimmer's White Chilli, and in fact I'd already chopped the onion, before Ana discovered the fish was out of date on Monday, so pan-fried cod it is:

Other than the fact the fish sticks to the bottom of the pan, so it doesn't quite look like the picture in the magazine, and we use creme fraiche rather than cream, it is particularly easy and tasty. Deffo a keeper, although I might season the fish more next time.

Interestingly (for those who like to keep tabs on what recipes come from what copy of Delicious - I suspect that's just you and me Brenda), this is eighth or ninth recipe from last June's copy: Seared steak with white bean and watercress, yoghurt and harissa chicken and rice, pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus, Mediterranean halloumi salad, rainbow tortilla, roasted peppers with herb cous cous, spiced cauliflower curry with red pepper and this. Best. Issue. Ever? Discuss.

Food of the Milos
Technically it's a Julia day but her daughter is puking, so Ana has to take the day off work to mum it up with him.
Breakfast: Chocolate porridge with half a banana in;
Lunch: Rice cake and a humzinger on the way back from Nursery, then apple whilst Ana cooked his lunch - cheesey pasta and broccoli, with two yoghurts;
Dinner: More humzingers at the park, dried apricots, sausages, asparagus (which he doesn't like), broccoli and cherry tomatoes, and two mini milks. It does sound odd, but we're using up veg. And sausages.

pan-fried cod with creamy new potatoes and courgettes - Delicious, June 2010, p24

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus and lime creme fraiche

Tonight Ana has to take the reigns as I'm more-or-less locked in Milo's room, constructing his new bed. So, whilst battling with a flat-pack, she's in the kitchen battling with a flat fish. Okay, some salmon.

Startling lack of asparagus aside, despite having two packets in the fridge, it's amazing! Really tasty, particularly the lime creme fraiche condiment, and the pancetta and salmon make surprisingly complimentary bed fellows.

Food of the Milos
Somebody is very excited about his new bed today!
Breakfast: banana porridge;
Lunch: sausage and veg, yoghurt, banana, 2 x satsumas and an apple;
Dinner: bill granger's lazy pasta with cheese.

pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus and lime creme fraiche - Delicious, June 2010, p23

Monday, 7 February 2011

spiced chicken noodle soup

One from the archive tonight, and it's one I've been gagging to try again for aaaages. I used to make it fairly regularly back in the Lacy Road days, and it's the perfect way to use up a third of a roast chicken carcass.

I'll dig out the recipe if you want, but basically you re-poach the carcass to create some stock, before shredding the remaining meat and re-simmering it all with some star anise, spring onions, chilli, ginger, carrots and noodles, tszuj up with some soya sauce and fish sauce. Pour over a bowl pre-filled with some baby spinach leaves et voila - the perfect accompaniment to Glee!

Food of the Milos
Off to Nursery for a day learning about Chinese New Year, and then an afternoon at Claire and Isla's. It must be great being a toddler...
Breakfast: Porridge, toast and nibbles;
Lunch: Boiled egg;
Dinner: Spag bol and frozen yoghurt at Claire's.

spiced chicken noodle soup - Angela Boggiano, Delicious, February 2007, p61

Sunday, 6 February 2011

roast chicken and bill granger's gooey chocolate cake with raspberries

Thankfully after yesterday's extremely busy day, today we've only got two things on the horizon: Swimming at Brentford Fountains, and a late lunch/early dinner with the divine Miss Kate Smither. She's making her second appearance on the blog, which isn't bad for somebody who has been living in Melbourne for the past five years.

Anyway, swimming out of the way, we potter around whilst Ana makes what turns out to be the most complicated cake in the world ever. A cake which seems to require every bowl and sieve we've got. Despite it's genuinely Byzantine steps, it's an amazing triumph by Mrs Barnes!

I'm getting ahead of myself here though, *before* the cake we had a pretty hearty roast chicken dinner, with cauliflower cheese, cabbage, roast potatoes, honey roast parsnips and carrots. I even got to use my new gravy separator, although my suspected design flaw could have more to do with the fact we had to do three different runs to the off license.

The only way this evening can end any better is if we stay up to watch the midnight Miss Marple on ITV. Oh, yay!

gooey chocolate cake with raspberries - Bill Granger, Feed Me Now, p230

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Leon's broccoli with sausage, chilli and fennel

We are not a happy house today. Well that's not strictly true, a third of us is full of the joys of spring, wanting to make dens, pirate ships out of pillows, watch Scooby Doo, read books, draw and play playdough. However the remaining two-thirds are struck low by woman flu and bad-wales-losing-again-hangovers, and just want to sleep the sweet sleep of death.

It's not to be, instead we're up doing all of the above, as well as going shopping, going to the tip, having a walk and providing human representations of the Total Wipeout course for small people to throw themselves across. His bedtime cannot come soon enough, and luckily as he was up extraordinarily early, it's not too far off. All we have to do is get through an ill-advised extension of our Sunday night dinners together...

Of course, it's not as bad as I've made out. Milo's been great *if* exhausting, and he needs no convincing to eat a dinner made out of two of his favourite things, even if he did go "Urrgggh!" when we showed him the pan:

It's a weird one this, effectively the other half of our other recent Leon broccoli discovery, only this time with sausages. Seriously though, that's it. We both think it needs something else, but we're at a loss to think what. Pasta would add far too much bulk - and actually swapping pasta for the broccoli makes it almost exactly Jamie's Proper Bloke's Fusilli - whilst any other veg would just seem limp. It's lovely but we're left nonplussed by it. Maybe it's a lunch?

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: Pancakes - these are becoming a bit of a Saturday morning tradition now, which is a nice way to start the day even if you'd rather the day started in the early afternoon.
Lunch: Grazed his way around Waitrose, featuring mainly blueberries, cherry tomatoes, salami and Fruit Pastilles, followed by crisps, houmous and carrot sticks at home.
Dinner: broccoli with sausage, chilli and fennel, although I didn't add the chilli. He wolfed it down.

Leon's broccoli with sausage, chilli and fennel - Leon, Naturally Fast Food, p61

Thursday, 3 February 2011

hugh fearnley-whittingstall's creamy fish pie

Tonight and tomorrow night we're going to pass like ships in the night, as Ana is out for dinner with the teachers and tomorrow I'm going to the pub to watch the rugby. The upshot is, whatever I make this evening will have stretch for tomorrow, for both Ana and Milo.

Luckily we've got a massive batch of our new favourite fish pie recipe planned. It's 'lucky' not only because it's just so delicious, tasty and warming, but also because despite being relatively easy to make, it *does* take forever. So just as well she's out tonight then...

Oooooh it's delish!

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: Weetos, apricot, toast and honey;
Lunch: Cheese and ham sandwiches, corn on the cob, and tomato soup.

creamy fish pie - Saint Hugh and Fizz Carr, The River Cottage Family Cookbook, p248

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

steak with white beans and watercress

Tonight is going to be short and sweet because at 20:00 it's Tom Barnaby's last ever Midsomer Murder, and I'm not going to miss one second of John Nettle's twinkly eyes or curmudgeonly ways!

With speed (and taste *obvs*) in mind, and with one eye on last week's rather disappointing iron test when I gave blood, we're on the steak, tonight accompanied by a butter bean, cannellini bean and watercress salad, in a white wine vinegar and mustard dressing.

I can also exclusively confirm I had a little tear in my eye when Tom gave his retirement speech, and even Ana Louise said she's miss him. Although given ITV3 have repeats every Saturday, and it's on every week day on ITV, and I've got two box sets, I don't think it's goodbye just yet.

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: Weetos, apricots, toast & honey;
Lunch: Pasta bolognese followed by custard;
Dinner: Fruit salad of pineapple, banana, apple and a tangerine, followed by fishcake and baked beans

steak with white beans and watercress - Delicious, June 2010, p23

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

2010 review and resolutions

Whilst it may seem I've been somewhat slack catching up with posting after Christmas, the main reason was because in the background I was creating this beauty - a table of every meal we ate last year, arranged by the amount of times we've eaten them:

(click on the table and use your arrows to move down the list)

Weirdly this was the original reason why I started the blog (other than being bored), to try and keep tabs on which dishes and recipes we liked, and which didn't quite make the cut.

It's also interesting to see which dishes have stood the test of time, and I'm amazed how few new dishes appeared in the Top Ten for 2010. I was convinced Jill Dupleix's sesame chicken would be right up there, but we only had it four times, ditto the Waitrose spinach and chick pea curry which we only had three times.

Having said that, whilst it's comforting we have so many old favourites, it's equally good to see we've got a few new dishes which have joined our pantheon of go-to meals: Mediterranean Salad was the top 'new' dish, followed by the tomato and creme fraiche tart and, weirdly given Ana's hatred of aubergine, Indian-spiced Aubergine. In fact we tried 48 new recipes last year, and I reckon most of them I'd try again. Apart from vegetable stew with dumplings, which will never darken my kitchen...

This is slightly later than I planned, (but the table took cocking ages), but I/we do have a few resolutions for this year:
  • More fish in our diet. We're doing pretty well so far I think;
  • Vegetarian January for both health and financial reasons. I think this went fairly well, if you don't count garnish-style chorizo/pancetta, with only five meaty dishes;
  • To eat more as a family, particularly over the weekends;
  • To cook more with Milo;
  • General site upgrades. I'm going to try and redesign the site (Tom? Tom? Tom? Tom? Tom?), better SEO JUICE (urgh!) and at some point I'll get a search box going to make it easier to find recipes.
Let see how it works out this time next year.

bill granger's miso fish with spring onions & sesame seeds and leon's chicken nuggets

I have to say, doubling our fish intake does concentrate the mind when it comes to emptying the fridge, as nobody wants to get to the end of the week and be faced by a pile of whiffy parcels.

Despite the definite frost in the air on the ride home, tonight we opt for another helping of Bill Granger's miso fish on the basis a) it's quick and b) it creates a good-sized hole in the vegetable crisper.

It's a very virtuous meal, offset by the chocolate we both scoff afterwards.

Food of the Milos
It's a busy day in mummy and Milo world, with loads of games, an afternoon spent at Eddie Katz in Putney, and they've even got time to finally make the Leon chicken nuggets for dinner. Milo does the dipping and coating.

Breakfast: Continental nibbles to start (ham, apple, grapes, cheese) followed by toast with marmelade and honey, although not together;
Lunch: spaghetti with ham, fruit for pudding;
Dinner: See above.

miso fish with spring onions & sesame seeds - Bill Granger, Feed Me Now, p78
chicken nuggets - Leon Naturally Fast Food Book 2, p168