Tuesday, 11 January 2011

leon's broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts & chilli

Yesterday's hint towards expanding our Nigella repertoire of recipes was strangely apposite because today we've got an experimental dish culled from the other book we spotted at Lucy's: Leon: Naturally Fast Food. This time though we bought a copy, and in it we found this:

If you ignore the salmon - which was a suggested side - that was it. Diet-tastic! Actually it was delish, the salty soy sauce perking up the steamed broccoli and cashews, making it all really flavoursome if teeny-tiny. Next time I'm getting more broccoli, and possibly some bigger (hand dived) salmon fillets.

I love Leon. Their first restaurant is quite close to the office, a little anti-Pret/M&S oasis on Carnaby Street, which isn't exactly short of great places to eat like Mrs Marengos, Thanks for Franks, and Cha Cha Moon. I've been hording some Allegra Mcevedy recipes for ages, and I remember spending the summer of our wedding eating a lot of her power breakfast smoothies, but this is the first Leon recipe to make it to the blog. Looking at the book, it won't be the last.

leon's broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts & chilli - Leon: Naturally Fast Food, p60

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