Saturday, 28 February 2009

spinach and parmesan meatballs in a rich ragu

Sausage and mash on the menu but last minute change with the arrival of Kendra (means a combination of 'Ken' and 'Sandra' apparently) and Brian ('breaks ankle whilst micturating'), requires a change of plan.

Ana saves one meatball for Milo. Then eats it. She is a bad mother.

Friday, 27 February 2009

parsi lamb curry

It's Friday night therefore curry night, the only forward planning involves the fact it's the first ever Friday night Six Nations game so things have to be ready so i'm not fannying about in the kitchen whilst Katherine Jenkins or Bryn Terfal is singing Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. Wales! Wales! Favourite land of Wales!

So, curry cooked during the Milo's afternoon snoopy snooze, and the rice done just before kick off.

It was a great plan, although it was entirely dependent on Wales turning up at the match. Blydi French!

In slightly other news, my fiotos were rubbish so Ana Louise took the pictures. They were much better, although I'd never admit it...

hearty vegetable cottage pie with cheesey leek topping

Base from Delicious, prep done Wednesday afternoon, Delia's topping from How to Cook Book Two done last night.

Enough spare for Milo to have some for dinner today, and some in the freezer for him next week.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

pearl barley, bacon and leek casserole

The anas have gone out so it's an experimental cookery night - pearl barley, bacon and leek casserole, with cheesey dumplings and the chicken stock from Monday night. Marvellous!

Why does all my food look brown? Still, it was excellent.

pearl barley, bacon and leek casserole

hearty vegetable cottage pie - prep

Bored. No jobs to be found, but carrots rapidly going off...

Cooked enough for tomorrow night's dinner, some for the milos tea tonight and some more for the freezer.

mushroom pappardelle

Couldn't be bothered to cook the planned pie, so used up pasta and mushrooms instead.

chicken stock

Had a friend over for Sunday Lunch - (roast chicken) so used the carcass to create this fine stock. Might use it for some sort of risotto this week...