Wednesday, 5 January 2011

hugh fearnley-whittingstall's creamy fish pie

After yesterday's less-than-relaxing day, today both Ana and Milo are out - Ana's back at work, and Milo's at nursery - which means I actually get some sleep. Hopped up to the gills with Benylin, I spend the afternoon watching the final episodes of Any Human Heart on the Nation's favourite independent video on demand service, and blubbing like a baby. It was the cold, I swear...

Our shopping has also finally arrived which means tonight we can begin on our culinary resolutions for 2011 in earnest. Tonight it's the weekly fish dish - an experimental pie recipe from one of my Christmas presents, The River Cottage Family Cookbook.

Now we've had a pretty bloody good Fish Pie c/o Gordon Ramsay before, but we've always been put off repeating it because of the sheer amount of cream in it, and because of the cost of all the different sorts of fish required. This is a completely different kettle of erm, fish.

Despite being called 'creamy', Hugh's version neither uses cream or expensive fish. Granted it's a bit fiddly and time-consuming, but the result is completely amazing. Definitely better than Gordon's version, and at a fraction of the price. Perfect for catching up with the Christmas Marples on the strangely-quite-good ITV Player.

There's even plenty left for Milo's dinner tomorrow. Saint Hugh, we love you!

Food of the Milos
Having spent the last three weeks eating mainly chocolate and crisps, getting up when he wants and watching telly, the return to nursery proves somewhat of a shock. However once in the buggy he soon perks up, and he even returns with an exciting new food like - custard.
Breakfast: fruit salad
Lunch: baked potato with cheese and beans, marmite on toast and chocolate custard
Dinner: Bill's no-stir tomato risotto

creamy fish pie - Saint Hugh and Fizz Carr, The River Cottage Family Cookbook, p248

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  1. I love fish pie...I might have to request the recipe for this one please!