Saturday, 8 January 2011

jill dupleix's white bean polpettine with turmeric potatoes

After a Christmas spent filling up on crisps and sweets, this year we've decided to try and limit Milo's sweet intake to just Saturdays. And/or Sundays depending how we're feeling, oh and crisps on Tuesday's when Ana's got him on her own.

Today is the first day of this regime and it passes off demi successfully. First we all manage to sleep in till 1100, before we knock up a batch of pancakes for brunch, followed by a slow walk into Barnes for a coffee and a play by the pond, via the sweetshop where he buys a packet of Randoms which, incredibly, we're allowed to share.

Even more incredibly the combination of they cycling to the pond, and the good hour of running up and down the wheelchair slope by OSO means he's pretty much zonked by the time we get home. I've only just about got time to blitz all the slightly wilting veg in the fridge into a batch of vegetable bolognese before he sparks out.

This means we've got a long saturday night to enjoy, and what better way than with Jill Dupliex's polpettine - which are essentially mini-bean burgers - and Bill Granger's turmeric potatoes, and our weekend allowance of booze? So burger and chips then...

Even better, ITV3 are showing a season of old Midsomer Murders - hurrah!

Food of the Milos
Because of our late morning, today's routine is all to cock and we miss out lunch entirely, but he fills up on pancakes and pasta instead. It's like he's training for the Tour De France or something.
Brunch: maple syrup pancakes and banana
Dinner: vegetable bolognese and spaghetti, yoghurt

vegetable bolognese - Delicious circa 2005/6, now the Parsley Book
white bean polpettine - Jilly D, the Parsley Book
turmeric-spiced potatoes - Bill Granger, Holiday, p191

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