Monday, 3 January 2011

roasted stuffed butternut squash & minestone-ish soup

Back from the fun of New Year at the Taylors, the last day of the holiday is spent sorting stuff out. Partly this is because we're both knackered, partly because the house is full of crap, partly because the weather isn't that great and partly because I'm coming down with the lurgy.

We've also got little or nothing in the cupboards, the shops are shut and Ocado aren't doing any deliveries until Wednesday, so tea tonight is a matter of making do with what we got. We've got just about enough for the roasted stuffed butternut squash, if you ignore the goat's cheese and swap the parmesan for cheddar:

However, the thinness of cheesy toppings is more than made up for by the surfeit of veg. In fact there's so much left over I decide to make it into a sort of minestrone soup for lunch tomorrow. With the addition of some baby pasta stars from the back of the cupboard and some dried rosemary, we have a roasted vegetable soup!

roasted stuffed butternut squash - She Magazine, December 2010

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