Wednesday, 8 September 2010

mediterranean halloumi salad, midsomer murders and miss marple

Tonight is all about one thing, (much to Ana's chagrin) - MURDER! There's a new Midsomer on at eight and I've also baggsied the post-Midsomer slot as ITV3 are showing the Geraldine McEwen Miss Marple series, and tonight's is a corker: The hyper-real, super-saturated The Moving Finger, starring James D'Arcy for Ana (who was in bed), and future wife Emilia Fox and Kelly Brook (who's obviously an amazing actor) for me.

So, with four hours of top quality murder ahead, I not only need to cook something double quick but it needs to be something to placate Ana, who is definitely not looking forward to four hours of murders in middle England. Et voila!

mediterranean halloumi salad
Food of the Milos
It's his first day back at Julia's today, and he wants to ride his bike. Which is fine, but it makes eating breakfast snacks of rice cakes and humzingers difficult, although he is trying to ride no hands these days. For once he tucks into the cheerios, toast & philadelphia, raisins and apricots, before having dippy egg with toast and cheese for lunch. I can't remember what he had for dinner though, I think as Ana was working it was a miniscoff chilli yum yum. Which he does yum yum.

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