Thursday, 9 September 2010

garlic, chilli and olive oil spaghetti

It's ladies night and the feeling's right, for me to sit at home eating plain(ish) pasta whilst Ana and Kendra whoop it up at The Depot, for no other reason than they can. Damn them. To add insult to injury, Ana doesn't wear her new shoes. Bah!

At least this time I remembered not to burn the garlic or (homegrown) chilli, so it was a much more rounded dish. So rounded in fact, I had two fairly hefty bowls before retiring to watch Sharpe. Again.

garlic, chilli and olive oil spaghetti
Once again, I must insist there are chillies in the dish, you just can't see them. Next time I'll sprinkle some on top to prove the point.

Food of the Milos
More one-handed riding this morning, eating a marmite rice cake, before tucking into another round of cheerios, toast & phili, raisins and apricots at Julia's. For lunch he had sausages, veg and mash with two yoghurts, and a miniscoff shepherd's pie for dinner. Hurrah for miniscoff!

garlic, chilli and olive oil spaghetti - Donna Hay, Modern Classics Book One, p148

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