Friday, 24 September 2010

moroccan chicken stew

After the Book Club debacle, last night I leave Ana and Hanne at home to gossip whilst I enjoy the dubious company of Mr Anil Mistry and Peter Magnus Leary in London Town.

Interestingly for a second successive night out we stay away from our usual haunts, mainly drinking in Noho, although we do end up in The Ship for last orders. It's still a hole, and I think the experience might finally break us of our gap-toothed-tattoed-ugly-Amy-Winehouse-on-crack habits.

Tonight we're entertaining the polar opposite of horrible rock metal chicks as Kendra is joining us for a farewell dinner with Hanne. Although having said that, I have seen both ladies smerking fags before, and Kendra went to Cardiff Uni so she's clearly sails close to the chip shop wind...

Anyway, there's a smell of winter in the air, Ana has the tinglings of a cold coming so she needs some snot-battling ginger in her diet, preferably in the form of a autumn chill defying stew.

At least this time I remember to make the gremolata, which makes it look slightly less jaundiced.

moroccan chicken stew - Delicious, February 2008, p28

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