Saturday, 25 September 2010

milo and ana's jam buttons & rick's shepherd's pie

What with learning to drive in the mornings, disappearing off to play rugby in the afternoon as well last year would've taken some serious negotiation. However, now I'm the primary driver in this house, things are a little easier, but some things have definitely changed at home.

Whilst I'm losing 40-48 to Rossyln Park, the kitchen gets a new Saturday afternoon visitor:

milo and ana's jam buttons
Is there anything better than to come home from a hearty game of rugby and find a selection of tasty biscuits waiting to be eaten? And Bill Granger's Jam Buttons ala Ana and Milo are pretty darned tasty. I do have to play about 3 hours worth of "total wipeout" when I get home though, so it's not all a bed of rugby roses...

It's just a shame I couldn't step up to the mark later that night, instead slumping in front of a Midsomer repeat on ITV3, under the duvet with several large glasses of vin rouge and an even larger helping of frozen Rick Stein shepherd's pie.

shepherd's pie as cooked in india
Food of the Milos
The usual fruit and waffle-based breakfast is supplemented during our trip around Richmond Sainsbury's (we used up our pot of change) but a punnet of Tomberries, a smoothie, half a packet of grapes and some rice cakes. For dinner we knocked up some no-stir tomato risotto.

shepherd's pie as cooked in india - Rick Stein, Delicious circa 2005 and now in the Skull Recipe book
jam buttons - Bill Granger, Simply Bill, p96

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