Monday, 6 September 2010

slow-cooked lamb with spring onions, cherries and lemon

It's a monday, it's the first week back to school proper for some teachers, it's the first night of Bobble hat Blitz and naturally it's raining. In fact it's tipping it down, so Ana is really looking forward to spending an hour doing press ups on some astroturf in Chiswick.

She definitely needs something warming when she gets home, and after thinking about making it last night, I decide to use up the rest of the lamb to make Yianni. However, can anybody guess what I forgot I didn't have last night, and certainly didn't pick up today? Sour cherries.

And then I forgot to take a photo, sorry. Still, it was the perfect accompaniment to watching Jamie Oliver's latest show, Jamie's American Food Revolution, which has me in all sorts of conflicting states of mind:
  1. Jamie's School Dinners was obviously brilliant, so if he's doing the same thing in the US, why haven't they at least shown the stroppy cows manning the breakfast pizza bar in the school canteen what happened over here;
  2. Nobody likes being told they are wrong, particularly Americans. However, if you live in the fattest city, in the fattest country surely - SURELY - you might see giving kids a diet of nuggets, pizza and milkshake might be contributing to the problem;
  3. The show is more about entertainment, as is made clear by the fact it's an American show made by Ryan Seacrest's production company rather than an Oliver doc. Consequently I feel less sorry for him, and figure he deserves all he gets for sticking his nose in...
I wonder what I'll think with episode two?

Food of the Milos
He starts the day with the usual smorgasbord of apple, raisins, fruit toast and banana, before moving up a gear by sharing my porridge. I think the bear-shaped honey squeezer is probably more of a draw than rolled oats, but he does eat it all. Also, he's going through a massive apple eating phase at the moment. There's half-eaten apples turning up all over the place.

For dinner he has a portion of last night's lamb pilaf which, after complaining, he does eat even if Ana has to spoon into him whilst he's distracted by the computer.

slow-cooked lamb with spring onions, cherries and lemon - Silvena Rowe, Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume. Reviewed in Delicious, July 2010, p17


  1. I started watching Jamie's Food Revolution but actually couldn't get into it, something to do with the post-production and also the annoying Americans. It does get better but wow, ignorance can be offensive sometimes!

  2. I know, it's all sorts of wrong isn't it - especially if you've seen School Dinners? Inside I keep screaming "It's not about the cocking journey, it's about not eating breakfast pizza", but it gets lost in the tears....

  3. The people he is dealing with are shocking. Quite how Jamie has restrained himself from booting that hideous Alice woman up the rear straight into her fat covered oven I do not know. I would have throttled the lardy misery guts by now. I was internally screaming last night when the 'offical' from the food department (or whatever) complained that his veg pasta didn't have the required amount of veg but that the burger and chips with optional salad were fine. GAHHHHHH THEY ARE SO THIIIICCCCKKKK! Phew...better now. Back to the lamb - you have reminded me to have another crack at this! x

  4. Do make sure you get the sour cherries, otherwise it's pointless. Well not *pointless*, just not as tasty as it would otherwise be. Apricots don't cut it

  5. I found that Morrisons do the best dried cherries as they are v sour - you wouldn't want them as a snack because they taste of vegetable oil as well but compared to Sainsburys and Waitrose they don't seem to have the added sugar. Cheap as you like too! x