Wednesday, 1 September 2010

jamie's southern sausage stew

It's the last day of freedom for Ana and Milo, and it's a busy one: cycling, seeing Mrs Danvers, cycling, going to the playground, paddling, cycling, and then doing it all again when Kayosaurus and Mikeplodocus arrive for two days of toddlercare.

By the time I get back from work there are three very tired people slumped in the front room, and one zonked out blonde baby in his room. As I picked up two packets of reduced sausages yesterday and we had three peppers in the fridge, (plus we need something for dinner for Milo tomorrow), Ana makes the call for Jamie's sausage stew.

jamie's southern sausage stew
As Kay has been ill recently it's a risky call because it is *quite* spicy, but simply leaving out the chilli (and half of the paprika) makes it the perfect spiciness for her and Milo, and all we have to add is our own chilli flakes. Kay still only has one sausage mind, that's hers on the left, which means I get to have four plus there's still enough for lunch tomorrow. Yay!

jamie's southern sausage stew - Jamie Oliver, Delicious, October p41

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