Friday, 10 September 2010

creamy prawn curry

Hurrah for Friday! I'm hardly finding a cure for cancer but the last few days have been dreadfully vexing. However a combination of a funny text from ana on the way home, and the prospect of boozy ginger beer, experimental curry and the mighty Ospreys game being streamed live cheers me up immeasurably.

We're having experimental curry for two reasons:
1. I found a packet of the blighters lurking in the back of the freezer left-over from the last 2-for-1 offer down Sainsburys;
2. I have a theory you can only use frozen prawns for curries or soups, rather then the usual salads and things. Do you think that's right?

The next little piece of serendipity occurred last night whilst I was idly leafing through a recipe book Ana bought for my birthday in New Zealand (what, six years ago?), a book I've never cooked from and have contemplated binning at least three times. Guess what page it fell open at?

creamy prawn curry
The recipe was quite simple, although I do recommend using the right amount of coconut cream rather than too much, and the lemon - which I didn't have - is quite necessary to curdle and thicken the sauce. Either way, it was groovy and I've now found about ten other recipes I want to try.

Food of the Milos
Growth spurt ahoy? Rather than my usual, rambling explanation of Ana and Milos day, tonight I'm just going list out what is possibly the most food any small, blonde, curly-haired boy has eaten in one day:
Breakfast #1 - apple, cheese, raisins
Breakfast #2 - another apple, more cheese, more raisins & strawberries
Park snacks - 2 x marmite rice cakes, humzinger, noughts & crosses
Lunch - 2 x sausages, chips & beans
Afternoon snacks - 2 x smoothie tubes, grapes, milky way
Dinner - spag bol (wanted more but he'd eaten it all), yoghurt, strawberries, 2 x slices of malt loaf

creamy prawn curry - Priya Wickramasinghe and Carol Selva Rajah, a little taste of... India, p104


  1. hmmm, frozen prawns, we only use them for fried rice which is a staple on our meal plan but I would be tempted to buy a bigger bag for a delicious curry like that! If we are doing anything else with prawns (throwing them on the barbie) I buy fresh. You would know that aussies love their cooked prawns, you buy a kilo or two of the red, boiled, cold prawns with their shells on and then spend hours peeling them just so you can eat a handful. Hmm.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I'm not so bothered by pulling the heads and legs off but I do get vexatious when I have to do it for my life partner, who loves prawns but seems to think they come without appendages.

    We went to Sweden a couple of years ago with Johnny Os and Pam, and whilst we were there we went to a crayfish party. Me and John had fun, but I'm not sure ana actually ate any crayfish. Certainly she didn't get so drunk as to attempt to takeover the swedish karaoke to sing Hi-Ho Silver Lining, like me and Johnny did...