Monday, 13 September 2010

oliver rowe's chicken, tomato, tarragon, bacon and sourdough salad

If you take one thing from today's blog it's this, always read the recipe before you try and cook it. That's not to say Oliver's chicken salad isn't lovely (it is), but I should've made it last night as the dressing pretty much relies on all the lovely chickeny gravy left over from the roasting.

The lovely chickeny gravy in fact, which I tend to mop up with bread whilst making our usual lemon/oil/balsamic/mustard/whatever salad dressing. Luckily I just happened to cast my eye over the recipe whilst I was dishing up, and saved enough juice last night, for tonight.

oliver rowe's chicken salad
It's our first experimental dish of the week and I suppose with the sourdough bread croutons and crispy bacon it's a sort of Caesar Salad, without the high fat sauce. However, reheated chicken juice isn't the best jus in the world, even with the addition of mustard, garlic and white wine vinegar.

Hmm, it's a difficult one to call but definitely one I'll try again next time we're roasting up a chicken.

Food of the Milos
It's the first day of nursery today, so we're all little fractious. We manage to get a fairly decent breakfast of porridge, apple, raisins and waffle into him before Ana takes him to play for the day. She stays with him, but the good news is he loves it, which is handy as he's going to be there for the next two years.

When he gets back he has a largish bowl of last night's leek and potato soup as it's one of his favourites, but I have no idea what he has for dinner... nope, it's completely slipped my mind. Sorry

oliver rowe's chicken, tomato, tarragon, bacon and sourdough salad - Delicious, September 2010, p103

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