Thursday, 2 September 2010

moroccan chicken stew

Ooooh, there's a definite thousand yard stare in residence when I get back today. *Somebody* isn't happy about returning to work, and no amount of bike-based wearing out by Kay and Mike helps make the evening session easier.

The only thing which seems to take the edge off is booze, which goes some way to explain why she's going out to the offie as I'm coming in - Fruity cider ahoy!

Whilst she's out I crack on with another Kay-favourite, moroccan chicken stew. I don't make the gremolata tonight, which is why it looks a bit anaemic, but are we liking the overhead shot?

moroccan chicken stew
Interestingly (or not), this was the second ever moroccan dish I mastered, the original being one handed over by Melissa Turner way back in 2005. However it's not been really until this year that we've gone a bit middle eastern crazy, and in fact I've got my eyes on a chicken tagine to experiment with...

moroccan chicken stew - Delicious, February 2008, p28

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