Friday, 3 September 2010

impromptu burgers

Curiously, Ana's cup of tea at Kendra Kats after her inset day at The Science Museum manages to turn into multiple wine bottle-fueled burgerfest. Who would've thought?

It is Friday night after all, and Kayosaurus and Mikeplodocus are in residence to deal with the Milos. So he gets quality grandparents time for a second week running, and once I managed to find a Boris bike to get there, we get quality K Kats, Brian and precious wine time. It's a fair swap I think.

To accompany the fine conversazione and fine wine we decide on take away burgers, in this case Byron Burgers.

Being a massive GBK fan I was intrigued to see what this posh competitor was like, and I'm glad I did if only to realise how much better GBK is. That's not to say the Byron Burgers weren't bad, they were pretty good, just underwhelming. In fact there was only one burger on offer, and it was up to you how you wanted it and what toppings and bits of leaf you wanted from a selection on the menu.

Me and K Kats wanted GBK Kiwi Burgers, and I reckon you could've created as close an approximation as possible using the menu of 'extras', but it would've taken ages to work out and it would've costed as much as their palatial Gloucester Road apartment.

Chips were good though, as was the company.

brian - byron burger and chips, at least one bottle of white wine
russell - byron burger with blue cheese and mushroom, and chips, at least one bottle of red wine
ana - cheese burger, with everything on the side, and chips. On the side is very big with her. At least 3/4 bottle of white wine
kendra - cheese burger with no chips, at least 3/4 bottle of white wine

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