Sunday, 29 August 2010


Crikey, are Bank Holidays contractually obliged to be this busy? Milo and I have been sojourning chez Folkestone with two main aims in mind:
  1. Visiting my mum, who has managed to break her foot visiting Dover Castle (long story);
  2. Playing rugby at the Spitfire Tournament for the mighty Stella Hands;
In the end we managed all of this plus so much more. The least of it was having taken a bunch of Milo's old things to store in mum's attic (car seats, bits of cot and old toys etc ), we returned with the car almost twice as full as we left, including a new car seat, some wellies, a luminous bat t-shirt and a spanky new bike for Milo - woo!

In between the retail therapy we do manage some eating, but looking back at it not very much. This particularly becomes clear in the last two games of the tournament where I completely run out of steam...

So on Saturday night mum cooks up a big vat of Spanish rice, which was aces. We have porridge for Sunday breakfast and then, other than another bowl of rice before going home, that was it. Who needs to diet when you can have two bowls of dinner (okay, I had seconds so three bowls) over two days, and then play four games of rugby...

As we're so thin on the food front, how about a picture of Milo's new photo face? It's called 'Castle Face' as he developed it during our trip to Pembroke Castle. No doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of this soon:

milo's castle face
Food of the Milos
Unlike me, he has a fairly full weekend of scoff - not all of it good. Due to the fact the rice takes a some time to cook, Saturday night he gets some microwave macaroni cheese, which he loves. For Sunday he gets a largish bowl of spaghetti of meatballs, and in between he has three packets of crisps, three ice lollies (one homemade), porridge, a KitKat, some Jelly Tots, a chocolate cake and a babycino. Hmmm, for the good of his help the end of holidays can't come soon enough.

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