Monday, 9 August 2010

kebab bi karaz

Back from a weekend on the Diamond Isle, I've not really got any shopping in the house (apart from a Scotch Egg), and I haven't got an awful lot of cash to get any so this week is going to be all about stretching the fridge to breaking point.

Tonight, to use up some frozen lamb, and some drying lemons I revisit the lamb meatballs from a month or so ago. I've got salad growing in the garden, so all I need is some sour cherries.

Or am I? It turns out my lettuces have gone from 'bushy' to 'entirely eaten by caterpillars' in a single weekend, the buggers. At least I remembered to double the sauce recipe this time, in fact it's slightly too runny this time but as I also I over-delivered on spices in the meatballs, it's a much happier, punchier dinner and with plenty for lunch tomorrow:

kebab bi karaz

kebab bi karaz - Tom Kime, Australian Delicious

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