Monday, 16 August 2010

thai beef salad

Back to work so consequently there's not much to report today. Obviously we're still eating salad (on Ana's orders), and based on trying to trying to avoid any repeat of the Great Salad Sticking to the Back of the Fridge debacle, tonight we've got an experimental thai beef salad.

Unlike the other varieties I've made, this one uses gem lettuce, mint leaves and coriander as a base, with sesame oil and lime juice. Once again the chillis and mint leaves come from the garden...

thai beef salad
This is one of those recipes which have been kicking around in a folder for ages, but I've never tried it until now, and to be honest we probably won't be trying it again any time soon.

It's not terrible, just a be meh! If anything the combination of the dressing and the mint make it taste like the chicken and rice salad, but not as flavoursome. *Somewhere* I have a recipe for the best thai beef salad which I first made in 2005 (ish), but I've yet to find it again.

Food of the Milos
Another day of maximum food intake for the blonde beast, beginning with *another* double-dose of breakfast. In fact I have to fight him off last night's lamb stew, which he wants as soon as he sees it whilst making his milk this morning. Things naturally change by dinner time, as Ana has to spoon-fed him as he's playing up.

thai beef salad - Angela Boggiano, formerly of Delicious but now in the famed Owl Book.

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