Friday, 13 August 2010

lamb tagliata

I typed too fast last night, as whilst it's great to have my family back half of them are really excited to see me, and the other half complain I smell too garlicky. And I'd left some dead flowers in a vase. I mean honestly - H-corners!

Anyway, I take my garlic breath to work whilst they potter around Barnes. On return, having wrestled a silly blonde baby into bed we're *still* on a diet, apparently. Maybe for an intense weekend of bikini action next week in Tenby?

With nothing in the fridge apart from a bag of rocket, ana takes the executive decision to have Jilly Dupleix's lamb salad for tea. It's healthy, it's tasty and after two years of cooking it I finally get the amount of rosemary salt right:

lamb tagliata
Top tip on this one, do it for slightly less than 20 minutes so the lamb is a touch medium to rare, rather than well done. Also, get some good mothers to supply a lifetime's worth of rosemary: Half of the fresh rosemary comes from a plant my mum gave us for our anniversary, and the other half comes from a pot I bought last year expertly re-potted by Kayosaurus. Well done mums!

Food of the Milos
Snack-a-doodle today, but the odd thing is after a couple of weeks of waking up at the crack of dawn he sleeps in till 1000! Aye caramba indeed. Breakfast and lunch are the usual fayre though: cheese, apple, grapes, dry cheerios, boiled eggs etc However, for dinner he gets and actually *eats* one of the left-over fishcakes from last week! Sleeping in, eating fishcakes, will wonders never cease?

lamb tagliata - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, October 2007, p138


  1. Jebus cripes! I hope you put a mirror under his nose to check for breathiness?! he's a bloody teenager!

    er...his friend of the Bjam woke at 6.15am. He chooses to do so because he knows his mother drank wine last night.

  2. Funny that, an acquaintance of the Bjamin went back to his normal six o'clock playing. Unfortunately somebody you know was also drinking wine last night. In fact she drunk a whole bottle and wasn't that keen to make nests with a baby bird in a big cardboard box this morning.