Tuesday, 24 August 2010

tomato, red onion and creme fraiche tart

After four days living it up in Wales, we've come back to a demi-empty fridge, definitely empty bank accounts and sleep deprivation. Who said holidays were relaxing?

I know I've got enough in the freezer and fridge to make tomato, red onion and creme fraiche tart, if I nip to the shops at lunchtime to get some creme fraiche and salad, so it's budget-friendly. I also know whilst a little bit labour-intensive, the fact it quite happily cooks for 40 minutes in the oven means we've got time potter around after the first day back at work.

However, I don't think I let it cook or rest enough so the end result is a little bit sloppy. Nothing disastrous, just a bit annoying. The apple, walnut, watercress and spinach salad was good though, and hopefully it'll firm up (steady!) in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

tomato, red onion and creme fraiche tart
Holiday-wise it was like the Brittany trip only on a smaller scale: Lots of day trips, one day of good weather and excellent evening drinking and cards.

Here's a picture of Ana and Milo enjoying the medieval weather at Pembroke Castle:

Pembroke Castle

tomato, red onion and creme fraiche tart - Delicious, 2005 or 2006

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