Sunday, 18 July 2010

en vacance en France

Holiday, o a holiday, and the best one of the year! Despite my recent claims to be getting back on top of the blogging our looming holiday to Brittany with the family Thompson-McPartlin has taken precedence.

Well, secondary precedence to having to fix my bike after riding into a flight of steps on the Chiswick bank, blowing out my front tyre and flattening my handlebars, which was a direct consequence (tertiary precedence?) of a more-than-pleasant evening sat by the river with Miss Lucy Ferguson ESQ. Or CougarTown as she's now known...

Anyway, after a delightful week only slightly ruined by the awful weather we're back, a mere 3000 hours of travelling in a people carrier under our belts - well done Greggy - and I need another holiday. Holidaying with children although lovely, just isn't relaxing...

Over the week we ate the following diner:
  • Mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad - on arrival, post 10 hour drive, stop off at Carrefour Saint Breiuc, and wrestling the kids into bed. This was one of only two days we were able to eat outside at the gite;
  • Day one: Relatively sunny so spent in the garden, paddling and generally unwinding. We ate pate (part one of the 10kilos we bought), cheese, bread and salad for petit dejuner, followed by Simon Hopkinson roast chicken and salad for dinner;
  • Day two: Moules Marinere (Me, Spandy and Greg), Jambon Crepe (Honey Louise), Pizza (Harry and Milo) and Spag Bol (Cerys) for lunch in rainy rainy Perros-Guirac. Although on the upside we do find a vending machine where Greg may have got his peado-lunettes from. Classic pasta with cherry tomato sauce for grand dejuner;
  • Day three: Rainy mystical boulders in Huelgoat, by an artificial lake. It's all very pretty, and we have a fun if damp lunch in some sort of chalet hidden in the woods. Well it would've been fun if I hadn't ordered the chitterlings crepe, accompanied by baked potato and mustard. On the upside, ana discovers the Breton's drink cidre from tea cups:

    ana cidre
    Only the chemical taste of a Twizzler ice lolly could remove the stench of death from my mouth:

    After driving a billion miles, Greg's next trick is to construct a really hearty chicken casserole. Perfect for the weather;
  • Day four: Bastille Day and SUN! We scoot west to Douarnenez and spend a great day on the beach, playing in the rock pools and for the truly brave (McPartlins) swimming in the Atlantic. We have snacks in the car, and spinach and parmesan meatballs for dinner. I think;
  • Day five, more rain but it's sporadic. We head back up north to Roscoff and spend the morning wandering around the old fishing town and having lunch on the dock. Moules for Harry(!), Goat's cheese salad for me, omlette for milo and spandy,. The kids get last night's meatballs for dinner, and we get a barbecue cooked in torrential rain by Greggy;
  • Day six: As it's wet (no!) we spend it mostly watching DVDs and reading, with the occasional mini-dip in the pool. In the afternoon we take a walk around Carhaix before taking a last swim as it's finally sunny. Baguettes for lunch, just to use up that final block of pate, and spag bol for all for dinner. Milo eats two lots without having to be fed, plus a yoghurt and about a litre of water.
Yay for holidays! Boo to weather! I'm sure ana will have photos up on Facebook


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds delicious, loving the cider in teacups! Did Harry really eat a whole pot of moules?

  2. I gave you a shout out on my blog today, go and check out the video, I am sure you are well ahead of the game and its old news already but its just made it over the oceans and I have watched it endlessly, so funny.