Friday, 9 July 2010

paper anniversary

It's a day of celebrations. It's either Holiday D-Day minus One, which is good if you're a Milo because you get to eat an ice lolly on a baking Barnes Green whilst they're putting out the tables for this weekend's fair, or it's Wedding D-Day Plus five years.

Obviously the latter is more exciting, although as we'll be packing people carrier's in Folkestone tonight ahead of an early departure tomorrow morning, we haven't got much planned. Instead we have a nice day in sunny SW14.

It's pretty successful, we have cards and breakfast together before heading out to get some last minute summer dresses for the Mrs Barnes of the last five years. As ever Froxy Bee comes up trumps, and replete with two fine outfits we head to The White Hart for a riverside lunch.

Food there has always been a bit hit and miss, usually miss to be honest, but since the refit it's got much better. As it's all cooked on the barbie these days it's *still* slow but we do get an amazing vibrating bar mat to tell us when it's ready.

I have a pretty good burger and chips, and milo has a pretty good sausage and chips, and both came with amazing homemade pickles and mustard. With two eyes on being in a bikini next week, Ana opts for grilled halloumi and a platter of houmous and pitta bread. It's only partly successful. Again, whilst the homemade houmous was lovely, but there was hardly any houmous - boo!

One lengthy and delayed drive to Folkestone later and it's time to eat again - yay! Mum has got a cottage pie on the go for Milo, which he scoffs tout suite before his bath and bed, we've got other plans in mind though. We need to train our stomachs for a week of Frenchified food, so we have pate and tiger bread baguette for dinner. And booze.

Holiday, here we come

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