Tuesday, 27 July 2010

drinking with anil and pete

Whilst ana and milo are entertaining brenda's and benny jack and eating tomato tart, it's the beginning of Russell's Week on the Sauce: Stage One - Anil & Pete in the hat & stick on Great Titchfield Street, before having a fairly good curry in Shikara opposite.

Can't remember what I had, I think it was a chicken rogan, but of more interest was what I had for lunch earlier. I'm bored of buying sandwiches from M&S/Pret/Whatever, and summer isn't as good as winter/autumn for left-over lunches, so currently lunches are a bit meh!

However I have discovered a number of exciting new possibilities now we've moved offices, and the first one to catch my eye (advertised as "brilliant at curing hangovers and colds" outside) is a Vietnamese street food restaurant called Pho. I had the chicken noodle soup to take away and it. was. amazing! Really fresh and zingy, and massive portions.

I deffo recommend it if you're ever out in town.

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  1. Oh the differences a continent and a few oceans make! Ron's local lunch choices include a fabulous vietnamese fast food place called Pho and an Asian place that make a brilliant wonton soup. There are however NO sandwich shops in Sydney. What I would do for a Pret sandwich and don't even get me started on M&S!!