Thursday, 22 July 2010

mixed tomato puff tart & ratatouille

Despite the usual delaying tactics by milo, it's a double cooking night tonight as we're running out of fresh food for him, and certainly the freezer is looking a bit empty. If you discount the packet of oven chips left in there by kayosaurus and mikeplodocus that is.

So, whilst the mini ball of puff pastry (left-over from April's roasted cherry tomato tarte tatin), comes up to room temperature, we drink wine and knock together a monster St Hugh ratatouille.

It really is the best way to both use up veg kicking around the fridge - tonight's batch includes red and yellow peppers, celery and a variety of tomatoes on top of the usual ingredients - and it's an ace way of getting veg down the milos.

Ratatouille done, the pastry is ready for a swift(ish) puff tart, with a salad jazzed up with a version of the mustard, vinegar and olive oil dressing from the steak and white beans dish I cooked for Kiki recently. It worked pretty well despite not being warm, and lacking the garlic because I'd used it all up in the ratatouille.

tart and ratatouille
Food of the Milos
Day Three of Operation No Dummy seems to be slightly more successful than the last two times. He didn't ask for it all day, not even when he went to bed tonight so fingers crossed. The downside is he's running on about 1000% energy, leaving no rest for concerned parents.

In an attempt to wear him down, the ana's run him hard. They go for his 2.5 year check up, before going to Isla, Steve, Claire & Phoebe's on the way home. No lunchtime sleep, instead it's straight out to Lara's house with Kiki and Finn for several hours scampering up and down their treehouse, around their garden and with their guniea pigs. Ahhh, the benefits of landed gentry for friends. He sparks out in bed after stories, although he does try a lot of stalling.

Food: Crumpet for breakfast, babyccino and biscuits out, pasta for lunch and a jacket spud and cheese for dinner. Plus the usual snacks of course.

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