Friday, 30 July 2010

cheese and tomato sandwiches

Tonight is the final hurdle of my week (3 days on the sauce), and it's a charming shindig at the classic C4 new media editorial watering hole aka The Oak:

Cathers drinks
Because I've got a motorway driving lesson booked in the morning I leave at a fairly acceptable 2100hrs, and get home to make cheese and tomato sandwiches for the lack of anything else to cook.

Not the most interesting post I think you'll agree, but I think that's because I think I must have channeled the spirit of Dennis from the pub last night, because I woke up this morning with a gentleman guest in the lounge. Okay, it was only Davisss and I didn't strangle him before dismembering his body under the floorboards, but I felt like it after hearing him trying to extricate the ironing board from the golf clubs under the stairs at half six this morning.

Ironing board extracted, we paid our very own homage to Eric and Ern's breakfast sketch, only in our pants:

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