Saturday, 3 July 2010

international babs cabs weekend

Forget the septics, July the 4th is all about the International Day of Babs Cabs. Unfortunately we've double-booked ourselves for my mum's birthday. So, the plan is to go down a day early, and come back late-ish Saturday night in time for our date with Australia's greatest entertainers on the Sunday. It's a triumph!

We get down just after lunch on a scorching afternoon chez Shepway, and spend most of rest of the afternoon splashing around in the paddling pool set in the west lawn of my mum's extensive grounds. There's time to marvel at my brother's ludicrous fake tan, and milo also seizes the chance to dress like a bunny:

Tuckered out from all the sliding into water, monkey drops off about 9-ish which gives nanny the opportunity to indulge in some vital babysitting time and me and bobyena head out The Clarendon for some summer evening seaside drinks.

Saturday is all-action:

1. We find a slow-worm by the kitchen door. To be honest, my mum's garden is heaving with them but this is milo's first one. He's not too bothered by it, and even picks it up by the head:

slow worm
2. We slide down terrifying death slides with mummy:

3. And we spend all afternoon in the garden, splashing in the pool with nanny, ollie, dylan and TC. Clokey, Pam, Saucepan, Jan, Tom, Roisin, Dan, JP, Moose, Lee, Jo, Keira, Hannah and Sarah take the sensible option and recline on deckchairs eating my mum's birthday chilli - hotter than last year fact fans!

Somebody conks out in the car on the way home, and I'm not too far behind by the time we get back. It's a good day, and as much as I complain about the old fruitbat my mum's birthday's are pretty cool affairs. Happy Birthday Babs!

Food of the Milos and the Anas and the Russells
After a breakfast of boiled eggs, we have ham sandwiches and houmous for lunch friday, and we all have my mum's thai coconut chicken for dinner. Saturday isn't so good for breakfast but once out Milo does have space for a 99 with flake. An ice cream total he manages to triple by the end of the day. Party food is salad and chilli, and tactically I take one for the team, and have about six bowls during the day, mainly to stop most of it coming back to our house in an ice cream tub. It doesn't work, and we still come back with a box of salad, some beetroot, half a pepper and some celery.

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