Thursday, 8 July 2010

t box

It's the last day of school, it's the last day of work before the holiday, so naturally we've got nothing in the fridge to cook. Well we have, we've got loads, but I can't be arsed so we celebrate the start of the holiday with our first take away curry for aaaaaages! Okay, I'm hungover and broken from last night's boozing.

As a creature of habit I opt for the Sheen branch of Tiffin Box, although we have had some interesting menus flop through the letterbox recently - Ma Goa's new menu looks good, as does Cochin Brasserie.

With bags to back rather than side dishes to choose, it's the tried and trusted formula of a medium Old Fashioned Chicken curry, Chicken tikka and salad (for guess who), with sides of tarka dhal and vegetable curry.

Maybe the anticipation was too much, because I was strangely disappointed with my old fashioned. Maybe it's not a hot, summer night dish, I think I'll go back to the Lamb Achari until the rain kicks in.

Food of the Milos
Milo prepares for the holiday by indulging in a pate-fest for breakfast at Julia's, with some Philadelphia thrown in for good measure, and some malt loaf. Acclimatised to the European way of eating, he stays in touch with his roots with Cottage Pie and Jelly for lunch.

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