Friday, 23 July 2010


Day Four of Operation No Dummy has taken a dramatic turn to such an extent the whole raison d'etre of this blog might have to change, from 'food' to 'dealing with a recalcitrant and uppity toddler'.

Luckily I was work all day putting three years writing The IT Crowd website for Channel 4 to some use, Ana got it full-blast though with her only respite coming at Battersea Children's Zoo. I may try to go to work tomorrow, where has our cute baby gone? The only consolation seems to be that being evil and nefarious is clearly quite knackering, because he's zonked pretty quickly every night this week.

Maybe I should focus on him because food isn't that interesting tonight, we had last night's ratatouille with pasta:


You'll be pleased to know I've used the time I would've spent slaving over a stove adding some more catch-up posts. Go wild and crazy:
More soon, I promise.

Food of the Milos
We seem to have also dropped the morning 12 litres of milk, at least we did today as instead the monkey helped make tea and toast for mummy, and he even ate his toast and marmite for breakfast. It all went down hill from there, although he did eat a fairly hefty bowl of ratatouille for dinner. I think he must be hitting his teenage years slightly early...

P.S Robert Peter Manwaring, we've run out of the Haigh's Mint chocolate buttons, do send some over in the next clipper. m thanks

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  1. How is the no-dummy going? I remember those days, its not easy but in our experience Amy did get over it pretty quickly. Funny how parenting changes what "pretty quickly" actually means!