Monday, 5 July 2010

rainbow tortilla

Okay we're going to be entering a bit of Wayne & Garth style zipping forward and backwards in time. This is me now (22nd July) pretending it's actually the past - wooooo! Basically we've done loads and the backlog needs to get tackled somewhere, so we might as well start here. This is going to look well odd when it actually IS the 22nd and you scoot down the page. Anyway, are we holding tight? Then let's begin with a proper Wayne's World time fade, do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do, do-do-do...

After yesterday's Wigglesfest, it's t-minus five days until the holiday and despite the projected grim weather, BikiniBlast2010 goes into overdrive. Tonight it's salad (again) teamed with a slightly more filling rainbow tortilla.

rainbow tortilla
Having made it a couple of times now I'd like to think I've pretty much got the hang of it but no, tonight pride kicks me well and truly up the arse. Ana has used the non-stick pan to cook milo's dinner and I can't be bothered to wash it, so I just use the big frying pan because that'll be fine, won't it? Won't it? Hmmm, maybe non-stick pans are better for this sort of thing:


Lucky it was so big we had enough for each of us, plus some for lunch tomorrow despite leaving half of it on the bottom of the pan.

rainbow tortilla - Delicious, June 2010, p148

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