Wednesday, 7 July 2010

pistachios & alcohol & a broken brompton

Although it sounds more like a song by a middle class Oasis, this was in fact the sum of my Wednesday night out by the river with 'Bad' Lucy Ferguson.

What I should've done was not go out for drinks with her, I should've gone home and watched the Midsomer repeat on telly but no, my misguided sense of friendship led me astray pretty much from when I got up.

I had a bowl of cereal before I left for work, and because I'd eaten out with Davisss yesterday I still had a portion of Monday's rainbow tortilla in the fridge at work so that was lunch sorted. However that was it, apart from booze, idle gossip and, because we hadn't noticed the kitchen shuts early, a packet of crisps and some pistachios.

Okay so I shouldn't have attempted to ride home even though it's a shared pedestrian bike path all along the river to Barnes Bridge, but I *should've* spotted the path diverge and I *shouldn't* have smacked into the flight of steps going up the pedestrian half.

If any picture can encapsulate Pride Before a Fall, this is it:

pride before a fall
Luckily there was a man with a brompton taking pictures of the river who, once he stopped laughing at my somersault, lent me his tools. Not that I could fix it in my state, apart from straightening the handlebars.

It was a long, forlorn walk home...

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