Saturday, 19 June 2010

steak with white beans and watercress

Saturday, saturday, saturday, saturday day's alright for driving lessons followed by extensive playing and entertaining, as Elton no doubt would concur.

Who'd have thought midsummer (rather than Midsomer) is only a week away? Driving first thing it's really hot, but by the time I head out on the magic brompton at lunchtime, to pick up vital supplies for Kiki's visit this evening, it's turned brassic. Bloody weather.

Further cursing is evident in the evening as Kendra is unavoidably detained by her cocking neighbours having a barbie, which makes her later (than usual) due to essential baby-calming duties. Bloody people who live in Gloucester road.

Still, she made it and is on top form:

Her delay does have it's benefits as it meant I managed to watch most of the Scotland vs Argentina match, which reminds me. As most of you know, my phone is at best ballast for my bag but I finally decided to turn it on and clear out the messages only to hear some random Australian fellow going on about the Wallaby England game and what a great result it was! Fair play to Super Ron, I never thought I'd hear him giving me a ring to big up the mighty England victory this weekend. I knew he was a royalist at heart, and a lover of a scrum that stays up for more than three and a half minutes...

Anyway, back to the point of this blog. Due to Kendra's strict no food diet, it takes some time to come up with something to feed her. In the end ana strikes it lucky with an experimental steak dish from June's Delicious:

We've had similar dishes before, but I have to say this salad - a combination of cannelini beans, butter beans, wholegrain mustard, tomatoes, white wine vinegar, crushed garlic, seasoning and watercress - really nails it. Deffo having it again.

Food of the Milos
For somebody who spent the majority of the day inside, milo has been on top form today. He spent the morning painting on about 4ft of paper, before having an early bath to remove it all from his body, followed by some stories and a lunchtime nap. Pre-snoopy snooze he had his usual food-adverse morning, ignoring his cheerios and apricots, and only really eating a boiled egg and three litres of milk. Post lunch it's a different matter, after a quick scoot around the block he creates his own Total Wipeout course in the lounge and fuelled by carrot sticks and houmous, several bowls of crisps spends an hour jumping over our legs doing somersaults. The highpoint is yet to come, a sausage hedgehog surrounded by a moat of peas as I had some issues getting them out of the packet:

sausage hedgehog

He ate about 90%, so it's probably just as well he didn't have any breakfast.

steak with white beans and watercress - Delicious, June 2010, p23


  1. That steak looks bloody delicious, loving the grill marks! Love the salad too, might have to make it. As for my husband drunk dialling, he is unstoppable. He would have been drunk dialling again this weekend except he was at home babysitting while I went out and got drunk!

  2. As it should be Sarah, it's about time you cracked the whip and got back to basics. Basically you living it up, and him tidying the house and ironing. It's the natural order of things