Wednesday, 23 June 2010

keralan fish curry

It may be the heat, but the ana's are slightly-to-very under the weather today.

Normally her illness would trigger some sort of comforting dish to snuggle her back to health, but tonight she's scuppered by the fact I'd defrosted the other half of the fish shoal Ocado delivered last week.

I need not have been worried, I'd forgotten all of Nigella's dishes have ludicrous anthropomorphism attached to them, in this case "templefood". It's all a bit Posh Nosh, she really needs a slap, hopefully from Don Fabio.

keralan fish curry
More updates today as I slowly rescue images from corrupt-camera-doom:
How exciting!

Food of the Milos
Off to Julia's fuelled only by a bottle of milk and a Humzinger, the milos spurn breakfast before turning up the degustation heat with a lunch of erm, nibbles: Bacon, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, cheese and strawberries. This al fresco style day time eating is supplemented by cheesey spaghetti for tea.

keralan fish curry - Nigella Lawson, Delicious, February 2009, p83

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