Friday, 18 June 2010

moroccan chicken stew

It's clearly not coming home then? On the upside, I experienced a huge amount of schadenfreude watching vastly over-paid people who really only kick a ball around - and not that well on tonight's evidence - have their self-important world collapse around their pompous ears. I bet it won't be their fault though...

At ana's request we finish the week with a zesty, gingery moroccan stew, cooked with a large handful of mint and parsley, grown in our very own herb basket.

moroccan chicken stew
Actually, the herbs are brilliant. After last year's bumper crop they've suddenly sprung into life again and the whole thing has gone mad and needed urgent trimming. I suspect we'll be having a range of parsley/mint based dinners sooner rather than later. If only I could think of anything to use the curry plant for. Anyone?

Food of the Milos
More pretend breakfast today (cheerios, cheese, berries), before going into overdrive. Pre-paddling pool day out with Kiki and Finn, he gets through a boiled egg and soldier followed by a babyccino and a biscuit, and then a hearty bowl of spag bol for dinner. Plus the usual assortment of snacks.

moroccan chicken stew - Delicious, February 2008, p28

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