Wednesday, 16 June 2010

stuffed courgettes

Due to the imminent TX of a World Cup-busting Midsomer Murder (a repeat sadly, but on the upside it did feature not just Llamas but also Cully - yay!) tonight we need something super-quick.

On the way home I toyed with the idea of knocking up Mediterranean Halloumi Salad, but given my new regime is to use the freshest stuff first, it's double portions of an experimental stuffed courgette starter thing. In Italy we call it zucchine ripiene.

It's a good excuse to use up the courgettes we didn't use for last week's Peter Gordon salad, and as it happens, I've cooked it a couple of times in the dim and distant past. Certainly since moving here, but definitely pre-blog.

stuffed courgettes

It's okay, we like it rather than love it, but what else are you going to do with a salad crisper full of unhappy courgettes?

Food of the Milos
He's at the renegade childcare today, so it's the usual cornucopia of bread & pate, dippy egg, toast, cheese and bacon before coming home and a portion of defrosted, pre-Cornwall Jamie's Southern Sausage Stew. Oh, and litres of milk.

stuffed courgettes - Anna del Conte, Delicious, May 2008, p70.

Incidentally Les Bren, I've realised the May 2008 edition of the d-mag is still the current recipe record holder with eight dishes...


  1. Sorry we missed chatting to you guys last weekend, are you going to get skype up and running EVER so we can make our children talk to each other and laugh at their accents?

  2. I have dug out the same edition from my pile as it was purchased purely to 'flick' through in between changing nappies, feeding, burping and generally reeling a teensy bit from owning a new baby. Needless to say it has been ignored until now!