Monday, 7 June 2010

sesame chicken salad with cucumber and celery

Another Monday another Bikini Blitz, therefore another quick-ish dinner is required post-sweating and pre-Glee. Like Goody the Good, I'm happy to help!

Now this has been kicking around for ages, in fact it's part of the 2005/2006 Delicious cull which has made it into the Chicken scrapbook (which is pink and has Owls on it!)

This is a lovely Jilly D number and I distinctly remember making it when we were living in Lacy Road and talking to Clokey on the phone whilst I was chopping cucumber. Ahhh, happy heady pre-milosaurus days!

sesame chicken salad
It's not strictly experimental as I've definitely cooked it since, but it's a first for the blog and the chopping is kinda new as the carrots and cucumber get the benefit of my knife skills course to miraculously transform into matchsticks.

Throw in the sesame-satay sauce and it's the perfect crunchy salad which is surprisingly filling - yay for me! We miss Glee btw, in favour of talking over dinner almost as if we like each other still. It's a nice thought.

Food of the Milos
Nanny and Dylan come to visit today, which is handy because the anas need to finish their reports. Breakfast is the by-now classic cheerios and apricots, followed by a boiled egg. On his day out with Nanny he has chips by the pond plus the usual array of snacks, and then a Bill Granger pasta, peas and parmesan for dinner. Carb-tastic! He's sparko within five minutes of his head hitting the pillow.

sesame chicken salad with cucumber and celery - Jill Dupleix, Delicious-although-now-the-owl-book. Incidentally, it's got owls on cos their birds, like chickens and ducks, see?

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