Tuesday, 8 June 2010

roast cod on spiced puy lentils

After yesterday's light-yet-filling crunchy salad, tonight we have something more filling to drive out the wet. It's not cold by any stretch of the imagination, if anything it's really humid, but the torrential rain makes it seem colder.

Although I fail to make the skin as crispy as I'd like the fish is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G tonight, and the lentils seem extra warming even though I used green chillies rather than the required reds. In fact it's probably too spicy for the left-overs to be saved for the milos tomorrow.

roast cod on lentils

There's a further twist to this fishy tale: Ocado have started running their own wet fish counter, so this week rather than buying pre-pack I get twice the fish for half the price. However I didn't realise how much extra we were getting so I end up having to jam a shoal of codses into the freezer. Fish next week anyone?

Food of the Milos
Can you guess what he had for breakfast? Hmmmm, skipping over that, there was a mid-morning snack of wafer thin ham, grapes, apple and a baby bel, followed by a fish cake, oven chips and sweetcorn and peas at Claire and Isla's. If that wasn't enough he also stuffed two Innocent smoothie tubes, a Milka ice lolly and then some carrot sticks and houmous. Where does he put it?

roast cod on spiced puy lentils - Delicious, Eat your way to Better Health supplement.

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  1. that cod looks freaking brilliant Russells. Bleddy nice work x