Wednesday, 30 June 2010

lime chicken curry

Short post today, mainly because I didn't cook. The lure of Midsomer (sadly a repeat but Liza Goddard does turn up as one of Barnaby's old flames), meant all I did was chop and marinade the chicken, the ana's did the rest:

lime chicken curry
It's one of the better ones of recent memory, I think because a) I didn't cook it, and b) because she uses a good strong chilli, which you need to stand up to the creamy coconut milk. She's the best!

The plan almost works, only I don't take into account the arrival or rather non-sleeping of a key member of our family. Luckily I've seen Picture of Innocence about 10 hundred times.

Food of the Milos
It's a Julia day today despite his desire to stay and play with Tilly before she goes home, so things look bleak when we leave. In fact I'm fully expecting tears all the way but lawks and crivins, he's on top form all the way! He has toast with pate and Philadelphia for breakfast, rice and bolognese with a yoghurt for lunch, and then ana gives him a mini scoff chilli for dinner. I wish that was my daily food intake.

lime chicken curry - Delia, How to Cook Book Two, p107

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