Tuesday, 22 June 2010

thai-style beef and spinach & gazpacho

It's book club tonight, so after testing the water with Kendra on Saturday with STEAK, we opt for more meat to satisfy the masses. Well, the ridiculously dieted masses anyway. However before the beef, there's an elaborate Fino-style gazpacho to offend the office with.

Naturally the first thing you want to do when you get up (after you've warmed milk and definitely post shower) is to think about lunch. So whilst I'm munching cheerios and cinnamon and raisin bagels, I knock up a litre of gazpacho. I don't have time to sieve it, but it's still pretty good if a little garlicky. Okay, very very garlicky. Alright, it's so garlicky four hours after I've eaten it ana complains when I get home that I stink of garlic. Still, it is divine!


Several minty chews down we prepare to discuss Wolf Hall over a protein-and-salad-diet-friendly Thai-style beef and spinach salad, courtesy of the D Mag circa July 2007.

thai style beef

Sat in the garden once everybody has gone, drinking one more glass of wine and smelling the jasmine, it does feel alarmingly like a Saturday night. *Sigh*

Food of the Milos
Not being a school day, ana is presented with the usual entertainment dilemma. Merciful planning ahead means she spends the day in Surbiton at Melissa's, so Milo can run amok on her daughter's massive climbing frame and playroom. The usual breakfast is semi-consumed (cheerios, apple, apricots), before a hearty lunch of sausage, tomatoes, jacket potato, cheese and cucumber (which he didn't eat), followed by a 99 with a flake. With his main meal under his belt, he only fancies houmous, carrot sticks, cheese, avocado and raisins for dinner. Ana does manage to wangle a fruit salad down him of raspberries, blueberries and a peach on the basis The Wiggles eat fruit salad.

gazpacho - Fino
thai-style beef and spinach - Delicious, July 2007, p130


  1. Isn't the '99' the flake rather than the ice-cream?
    ana x

  2. Yep, the 99 is the ice cream WITH flake. I am damn well going to have to find out why now...damnit...

  3. Wasn't it because it used cost 99p? I don't know why we're listening to Ana, she doesn't even like ice cream