Thursday, 10 June 2010

minced turkey with thai basil

Busy busy tonight. We're off to the Taylors country estate in Worcestershire for the weekend, which means tonight's culinary feast will have to be swifter than hell so we can pack and make a swift exit in the morning.

However things are even harder than predicted, mainly because I manage to lock Magda out, so there's no cleaning done this week - much to ana's chagrin - and I've got a small spot of bike maintenance to complete so Daviss can have his iron horse back in one piece.

Luckily we've got a super-quick thai minced turkey and lettuce leaf 'bowls'. Tonight they are presented ala buttercup:

minced turkey with thai basil

Small eh? Sadly we've suffered a fatal-ish corruption of the memory card and no matter what recovery software I've used, it's still a bit wonky. Sorry

Takes about 10 minutes to make, which gives me plenty of time to finally make the custard for the rhubarb fool. It could've done with being a bit thicker, but for a first time (if you discount the time I tried making it with custard powder when I was about nine) it's ver-ry tasty. It's debatable whether ana will let me make a pudding consisting of double cream and full fat milk any time soon though...

rhubarb fool

Food of the Milos
Despite my original plan for ana to make a mini-portion of giovanni's sausages for tea, she decides to go off menu and he has sausage meatballs and pasta sauce. Given the B Granger takes 40 minutes, it's probably a good call.

minced turkey with thai basil - Delicious, October 2009, p126

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