Thursday, 24 June 2010

chorizo & tomato salad

Ohhh, it's a scorcher today! Ana's still slightly under the weather so I have to leave her diminishing in bed this morning, with only two points to note ringing in her ears:
  1. If you want the halloumi salad, don't eat the halloumi;
  2. If you want the chorizo and tomato salad, get some bread.
In the event she opts for a youthful mash up of both diktats. She eats the halloumi and fails to buy any bread, brilliantly scuppering both dinners and meaning I have to go back out for bread as Sainsbury's don't stock halloumi.

To add insult to injury I end up having a romantic candelit (and solar-powered lantern-lit) dinner on my own in the garden, as Big Brother called.

I suppose she has been in the reading gulag this week, so I can't complain too much. Particularly as she managed to leave her sickbed to tidy the house.

Another update for you - entertaining Kate, Rob(in) and Jenni with a highly successful tart, and a less successful plum salad.

Food of the Milos
The usual bobbins is enlivened today by the arrival of Claire, Isla and Phoebe with a picnic tea. Him and Isla had a little table in the garden and semi-ate cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, picnic eggs (yes!), spicy stars, houmous & carrot sticks followed by grapes, strawberries and mini milks. Yowsa! Point to note, milo has now taken to referring to any girls he's friends with as "my little girlfriend". He had Poppy last week, and now he's moved back to Isla - which is perfect as she's got a riverside apartment he'd naturally get as part of any dowry.

chorizo & tomato salad - Delicious, July 2006, p59

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