Tuesday, 17 August 2010

white bean polpettine

Looking back I realise the last few days have been fairly uninspiring blog-wise, apologias. If anything it's because M Magic has hit the "Full On" button, so we're both knackered, so rather than approaching the blogosphere with a cold, single-minded focus, I'm usually tired and/or emotional.

To be honest tonight isn't any different, as will become rapidly clear. As you may have gathered Tuesday night is now rugby night, so it's usually a matter of going directly to the club for an hours touch and then home for a swift meal and then sleep. Tonight that selfish harridan my wife changes it all by going out for dinner at Kate's, so I seek solace in Sharpe's Honour, three bottles of St Helier cider and culinary rewenge.

Well I *say* rewenge, but she actually requests I make polpettine so she can have them for lunch tomorrow, but what she doesn't say is "make the polpettine, eat your portion then drink a load of gin whilst watching Sean Bean, and then make two large chip butties using the oven chips my mum left in the freezer". She didn't say it, but I think it was implied.

Back to the polpettine, finally I've cracked them as this time they were the best I've ever made. I think the key is getting them the right size, so they're crispy on the outside but cooked through, rather than crispy and doughy - *urgghh!*

white bean polpettine
Actually, the steamed spinach is the closest I've got to demi-perfection as well. Yay for me and relentless, surly drinking.

Food of the Milos
The usual continental breakfast in (our) bed, before a day of running around Richmond Park and being visited by Claire and Isla. Park and visiting mean he's heavy on sandwiches and snacks again, but for dinner he wolfs some ratatouille we made when we got back from France.

white bean polpettine - Jilly D, Delicious 2005 although now it's in the vegetarian Cow Parsley book - woooo!

Incidentally Miss Lucyfer Guson has supplied some random fiotos from nights which have made it onto the blog, and I'm proud to add the following to the backlog:

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