Thursday, 5 August 2010

the great british beer fest

This week I've suffered a peculiar typing spasticity. Every time I've wanted to write "Great British Beer Fest" - as in "I'll meet you outside the Great British Beer Fest at 1900 hours" - I've inexplicably written "Great British Beef Fest". Just trying to explain it here, I've written it three times, surely that's Freudian or something?

The upshot is tonight is not about food, it's about the finest company Channel 4 Legacy Employees can supply, and real ale. Preferably with the word "Badger" in the title.

Scene set, all you need to know is the majority of the evening is spent gossiping in a rather large hall in South West London, trying desperately to drown Hank Wangford out, and supping fine fine real ale:

I think my shirt is too smallFrom left to right: Me, Geeky Tom, Mandy, Sasha, Jody, Jon, and Bad Lucyfer Guson (Hank Wangford moaning in the background)

For the record I drank the following CAMRA-approved Real Ales: SA Brains Gold, Robinson's Bizzy Bee, Wentworth Gryphon (on Jon Salt's recommedation), Yate's Undercliff Experience (from the glorious Isle of Wight), Red Squirrel Colarado American, Portsmouth Oatmeal Stout (USA, half) and an Elland Beyond the Pale. Sadly there was no boutique Canadian Ale - sorry Dr Harlock...

With only some pork scratchings in me, I've got plenty of space for left over fishcakes when I get home. And this time I do the poached egg properly...

fish cakes
I can only apologise Tom, that they weren't the fish cakes you told me about but, you were very tipsy when you gave me the recipe, and I may have had a couple of shandy bass' too many.

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  1. Who is Hank Wangford and what is he doing at a beer event where very clearly people will become a little tipsy and get his name muddled. It is not a name you want muddled at all.