Tuesday, 3 August 2010

marinated goats cheese and walnut salad

I love Jilly D, and I've been over-excited about cooking this dinner all week. So much so in fact, I planned to have it last night for "Meat Free Monday", but fail to take into account the cheese needs to marinade over night.

Twenty-four hours later, I'm genuinely very excited to get home after rugby and looking forward to cooking this. I had a goat's cheese salad in harbour-side restaurant in Roscoff on holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it, so if I could sum up one more time: Goat. Cheese. Salad. V. Excited.

The marinade smells amazing, and it the whole thing only takes as long as the french beans need to cook to be ready, obviously discounting the 24-hour marinading. It looks fan-bloody-tastic:

marinated goats cheese and walnut salad
However, I think I got over-excited because after the first few mouthfuls, going to myself "This is the best thing you've cooked all year", I decided it was far from the best thing I'd cooked all year. The marinade was lovely, the beans were great but next time I'm going to forget the toasted walnuts as they were just too bitter, and maybe I'll swap the garlic paste for chopped garlic, just to take the edge off.

Don't get me wrong, it was very nice but I think it could be better. Also, after an eight mile cycle ride and two hours of the best rugby since Robert Jones showed Nick Farr Jones how to manage a scrum, it's not the most filling of meals.

marinated goats cheese and walnut salad - Jill Dupliex, Delicious magazine cull so 2005 or 2006

Incidentally - and I knew these pictures would eventually come in useful - here's a shot of me recreating that great R Jones - Farr Jones moment at the same stadium in Brisbane. I'm R Jones *obvs*, to the wheelie bins N F Jones.

r jones nee r barnes doing n f jones at ballymore
And here's me recreating Jerry Guscott's series-levelling try in the same match. Although I think I'm at the wrong end. Even so, how many stadiums can you walk into these days where they'll let you recreate your team beating their team? None I should think...

recreating jerry guscotts 89 lions try
If only Ron and Sarah could renew their vows, I could do it all again.


  1. Its slightly unconventional to renew one's vows at seven years, but hey, why not, who wants to travel downunder next year??

  2. It makes perfect sense to me

  3. Do it the Whites! you know we have to have an excuse!

    So RGB. I bought the ingredients for the lamb and cherry recipe today except I forgot my 'list' and had to guess the recipe. It did not prove sucessful. In my defence I was wrestling small boy and 89 year old grandmother (of course Gran was not so wriggly but cumbersome all the same) So, tonights tea was in fact pizza instead and I shall be back here tomorrow to comment on the lamb success once I have addressed the ingredients issue *huffs*

  4. PS - Delicious Sept 2010 p39 - a new guilty pleasure? I may be switching over to Amazon now to make my purchase.......

  5. Ohhh, I've still got September's in it's plastic wrap. I've saved it for tomorrow's trip down to the IoW...

  6. I made the cherry lamb! this is how it went:

    Me (to Davis): 'I am making lamb. With cherries.

    Davis: *vom* I hate dried cherries.

    Me: 'oh well'

    The result of the dinner?

    Me: 'So Davisses, what do you think?'

    Davis: 'needs more cherries'

    .....If you need me I can be found outside in the garden digging a big bunker to bury a Davissss .