Monday, 2 August 2010

smoked mackerel and coconut fishcakes, with hollandaise

Possibly feeling guilty after the week befores manhandling of their crabs, I've been thinking about Barnes Fish Shop a lot recently, and how we should really eat more fushty-fush. Particularly as the 'mongers are so nice when somebody wants to look at all the fish in the window - generally they pick up the biggest fish they can find and pretend to let it eat him...

Anyhoo, I spot this recipe in the August Delicious from hot young Cannuck-Kiwi chef Anna Hansen and despite my bad memories of attempting to cook fish cakes in Lacy Road (Damn you Bill Granger!) I figure 'why not'?

Rather than tea-smoking my own salmon (really?), I replace it with a couple of fillets of smoked mackerel and do you know what? They were really easy to make, and really tasty. Who knew?

smoked mackerel and coconut fishcakes, with hollandaiseA couple of points to note:
  • I didn't make the hollandaise but I would say if anything they need something to moisten them up, especially if you over poach your egg
  • Also, they could probably do with some time in the fridge pre-cooking just to firm them up a bit
  • The combination of the coconut, lemon zest and spring onions give them a hint of thai fishcakes. Only a hint mind
  • You need lots of spinach to have a decent amount post-wilting
In the end I made six, so I've got a couple for breakfast this week and maybe two for lunch with a salad. Ana louise, quake in fear because we're definitely having non-tea smoked mackerel and coconut fishcakes again!

tea-smoked salmon (mackerel) and coconut fishcakes, with(out) hollandaise - Anna Hansen, Delicious, August 2010, p62


  1. This looks aces. I am like totally all over this one....Davis won't like it but then he isn't cooking is he?!

    ...I realise looking back at my comments that my husband is veeery fussy indeed. Honestly, we can't just eat curry all the time can we?

  2. To be fair to him Brenda, he is the biggest gay I've ever met *after* Gerald, who's actually gay.

  3. Actually having two big babies makes dinner time easy, fish fingers all round. Ron turned his nose up at a dish I made last week, I am still rather grumpy about that actually. He even refused to take the leftovers to work the next day, thats a grand indictment on my dinner. Pooh.