Sunday, 1 August 2010

slow-cooked lamb with spring onions, cherries and lemon

Finally, three days after Ana and Milo left for the Island we get some experimental food - I think there's a lesson about the evils of drink for us all!

In theory I'm relatively busy today, but as it turns out I pretty much finished the blog updates yesterday, and I'm not playing golf until later so in between washing clothes and cleaning my bike, I make an executive decision to cook a summery lamb stew I saw in a review of an amazing cook book called Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume. Apparently it's called Yiahni in Turkish and it gets the nod the basis it needs 2 hours to slowly simmer, so I won't have time to try it during the week...

I have to say it smells pretty amazing as it's cooking, and the only ingredients for most of the simmering are lamb, spring onions and lemon juice. With the final addition of dried cherries I suspect it'll be a bit like the Kebab Bi Karaz, only with more gravy (hopefully).

It's really pungent and zesty and I'm well looking forward to it when I come back from playing golf with my neighbour, Des.

However, I don't factor into account Des' "one pint" actually means "lots of pints and 10 games of pool". So rather than getting home early doors to savour this light stew, I get home hammered at about 2300 starving. I don't give the cherries long enough in the stew, and I basically just scarf it down before collapsing in a stupor.

Despite my crazed-hunger I seem to recall it tasted fairly lovely, but I was more interested in quantity than its delicate qualities. Deffo doing it again mind, and I suspect Kayosaurus will love it.

slow-cooked lamb with spring onions, cherries and lemon
I've got some for lunch tomorrow so I might actually taste it sober, for the first time.

slow-cooked lamb with spring onions, cherries and lemon - Silvena Rowe, Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume. Reviewed in Delicious, July 2010, p17


  1. I really do want to make this - I think that 'im indoors might baulk at the idea of cherries and meat though. Still, you don't know until you've tried.......

  2. honestly, it's a total winner. I love it to the max. Don't get the Waitrose dried cherries as they are well expensive, get the Forest Feast Scrumptious Sour Cherries, and bulk out with fresh cherries. Mine were a little stale but I imagine fresh is much better. Not that fresh cherries are any cheaper than dried... Seriously though, I loved it and it's perfect for B-Jamin (if you cook it without butter)