Thursday, 26 August 2010

spiced cauliflower curry with red pepper and peas

What is going on? That's two nights in a row of returning home absolutely sodden, and tonight I had a coat! What happened to summer? However I'm spurred on by the certain knowledge I've got a warming curry for dinner.

Certain because I know we've got peas in the freezer, an onion in the veg bowl and a red pepper in the fridge. All I need to do is pick up a cauliflower and some curry leaves at lunchtime. Again, we're leaning heavily on trying not to spend too much money ahead of Tuesday's payday, but also this dish is great for warming me up, and for waging hearty war on Ana's cold. It's all the ginger and turmeric I think...

spiced cauliflower curry with red pepper and peas

I'm going to go a bit random here and admit something odd: I've become obsessed by killing the greenfly on my windowsill chilli plants. Honestly, everyday, at least twice a day, I spend a good 20 minutes crushing the little buggers which is immensely satisfying. They burst like nature's bubble-wrap. I could do with some ladybirds to finish the rest off though.

Food of the Milos
Milo has clearly been affected by the past couple of weeks. Breakfast (waffle, grapes, cheese, apple and raisins) was taken in his tunnel in the front room, which he referred to as a pub, with his friends sat in the pub garden. This was later followed by a new game in the bath - pouring mummy glasses of wine. Hmmm, nursery is going to be a shock to his system. Either that or we'll be having to explain a lot of things to his new teachers.

Beans on toast for lunch, and for dinner he had carrots, broccoli and sausages with strawberries for pudding. Not only that he actually fed himself for once - hurrah!

spiced cauliflower curry with red pepper and peas - Delicious, June 2010, p153


  1. Hah, loving that Milo Magic likes to play "pub" and "sommelier" hah! It reminds me of when Amy used to walk up to the barrister and order a cappacino. There were occasions when they started to make one before deferred to Mummy and switched to making a babycin!

    Our prior to payday cauliflower meal is a soup, dice an old piece of chorizo lurking in the fridge, fry, remove from pot and fry onions and celery (fridge staples) in the remaining oil. Chop a whole cauliflower into florets, add to the pot with enough chicken stock to cover it and simmer until the cauli is soft. Whizz with a stick and serve with lots of blackpepper and the chorizo crumbled across the top. Cheap, flavourful and good for you!

  2. Oh hello, that sounds amazing. I'm loving the chorizo angle... deffo giving that a spin now it's clearly winter