Monday, 30 August 2010

pasta with cherry tomato sauce

It's a beautiful sunny Bank Holiday Monday, Barnes is freakily empty so what better reason do you need to go riding on your new bike, all day, with your new wellies?

Having cycled up and down the hall, relentlessly, we cycled to Orange Pekoe for some coffee, we then cycled to Vine Road to paddle the new wellies in the pool, and then to the pond to show the new bike to the ducks (and to have a celebratory ice cream), before washing up at The Treehouse for a late lunch. Having cycled home, and then up and down the hall whilst we're out in the garden Milo sparks out in bed by seven. Wowzers, we're going to need to get another bike before he wears this one out...

Knackered and broke, we settle down with spaghetti and tomatoes (which costs less than a fiver) to accompany ITV's marvellous Marple mystery, The Pale Horse. Hurrah for Bank Holidays!

pasta with cherry tomato sauce
Food of the Milos
His good day of being lovely and entertaining was equally matched by a good day of food, naturally leavened by ice cream...

Inspired by The Tiger that Came to Tea, Ana created an amazing breakfast of banana slice cakes, raisins and waffles *all* of which got eaten in double-quick time. Having ridden around the major sights of Barnes, he has sausage, chips and broccoli at the pub. Actually, it's such a late lunch he doesn't really need any dinner when we get home, but he does help make and eat some popcorn.

pasta with cherry tomato sauce - Donna Hay, Instant Cook, p58

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