Tuesday, 7 September 2010

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad

Not a great deal to report tonight. Kate is babysitting as we are out choosing which shots we want from Milo's recent photoshoot. He had them done at a new company in Mortlake called Isoo, who mix the photos with artworks in the background.

I haven't explained it particularly well, and I wasn't particularly keen when we went as all the pictures in the window look terrible. However we pretty quickly narrow the shots down to three we like, and I'm interested to see what they look like when we eventually get our hands on them.

Once back, and a glass of G&T with Mrs Danvers later, we've only got time for a quick dinner - the classic mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad.

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad
Once again, the ham from Unearthed is on offer, and the [white-fleshed] peaches were reduced, so this meal seems to get cheaper the more we have. And every time we have it, because there's a spare packet of ham in the fridge, and half a packet of spinach, encourages you to eat it again.

Winter soon though, so this will obviously all stop in favour of pig knuckle stew.

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad - Delicious, August 2005


  1. Nope, you haven't explained it very well! Just promise to show us the final artwork when you get it. I am intrigued!

  2. No, it's well weird. So they took a load of shots of him and Ana, then they air brush the fuck out of them, and stick them on some 'artistic' backgrounds created by an in-house art team.

    So they're not just photos, they're art photos on crazy psychedelic/pre-raphelite backgrounds. Some looked good (hopefully the ones we've chosen), but the majority looked awful. I'll stick one up when we've got them

  3. Sarah, I think I should add that we were 'offered' (read, slightly hassled) a free photo shoot and one free print. It was a new company and as we hadn't ever had any pro shots done I thought, why not?

    When we went to look at the final product we were less than keen on many of the backgrounds and asked if we could just have them white (as the shots themselves were really great).This obviously isn't the way they want to work and the photographer persuaded us to go for the full effect!

    We'll see... I'm glad we have a couple of decent photos of him while he is still little but I would have preferred 'Sarah White Images' anyday!

    Ana xxx