Monday, 20 September 2010

shepherd's pie as cooked in india

Having been gazumped by Jude on Saturday, I finally get around to cooking Rick Stein's Shepherd's Pie as Cooked in India tonight.

It's not a bad call to be honest, because although it is a lovely, balmy September day there is a definite whiff of Autumn in the air once the sun goes down. Also, given it's Bobble Hat Blitz tonight, it's the perfect dish: It takes about an hour to make, so whilst Ana is running around an astroturf in Chiswick, it's stewing away waiting for her to come back.

Naturally our Shepherd's Pie recipe of choice is Saint Hugh's, so we're going out on a limb with Rick's currified version. It certainly looked yellower than we're used to.

shepherd's pie as cooked in india
Actually it's pretty good, a really tasty variation on a classic. The turmeric, cumin, ground coriander and tamarind aren't as overpowering as you'd think, although the colour is slightly off-putting. Particularly as the picture of the finished dish looks much more normal.

However Rick does have a top tip which I'll certainly be re-using, namely draining the browned lamb halfway through the recipe. Even though we were using extra-lean lamb, you would not believe the amount of fat which came out of it...

Food of the Milos
It being Monday, and having suffered another broken night we're all knackered today so it's the usual fruit-waffle breakfast before spending the morning at Nursery. Energy levels are raised with a boiled egg and soldiers, before a hearty dinner of fishcakes and spaghetti hoops.

shepherd's pie as cooked in india - Rick Stein, Delicious circa 2005 and now in the Skull Recipe book

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